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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

About Everbridge

For more than 20 years, Everbridge has empowered organizations to fulfill their duty of care and protect their people and assets.

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Mission-driven protectors

Everbridge was founded in 2002 in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks, with the mission of empowering organizational resilience at scale. We began by building the industry’s most reliable and scalable notification engine to ensure that communications are received without fail when life and organizational safety is at risk.

We have continued to broaden our capabilities to deliver better reliability, security, and compliance, keeping people safe and organizations running while creating a measurable business advantage for our customers. With Everbridge, customers can confidently anticipate, mitigate, respond to, and recover from critical events.

Empowering resilience

Our critical event management platform is used by more than 6,500 global organizations to keep people safe and reduce disruption to operations. We help leading enterprises and government organizations across the globe build digital and physical resilience by using our industry-leading solutions that allow them to:

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Decrease the time spent identifying threats, determining which assets and people are at risk, and initiating action. 

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Proactively take actions such as notifying impacted people during a critical event, or responding to digital service outages to avoid disruption. 

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Provide a common operating environment to break down silos so teams can successfully collaborate and ensure a unified response to threats. 

What’s the latest at Everbridge?

Curious about what we’re working on now? Find our latest press releases and product announcements on our News page.

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David Wagner

“Keeping people safe is a much higher calling.”

Everbridge CEO David Wagner explains what brought him to Everbridge after his 30-year career in #CyberSecurity. David joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq TradeTalks to discuss how Everbridge helps organizations digitally transform and automate their response to critical events.


What is Everbridge?

Everbridge empowers organizations to anticipate, mitigate, respond to, and ultimately emerge stronger from critical events with the industry’s only end-to-end critical event management platform. Everbridge digitizes organizational resilience by combining intelligent automation with the industry’s most comprehensive risk data to Keep People Safe and Organizations Running™.

What is the Everbridge App?

The Everbridge app is a mobile application that enables users to receive real-time alerts and notifications about critical events, including severe weather, active shootings, and IT outages. Everbridge customers can send messages to groups, whether that’s a small selection of residents in a local neighborhood or large section of the public, through the Everbridge app. Thanks to our partnerships with thousands of public safety agencies, customers receive the most trusted information accessible to share.

The Everbridge app offers different user experiences depending on the user type, with admins having comprehensive functionalities and end users having a sleek feed for notifications and updates.

What is Everbridge Mass Notification?

Everbridge Mass Notification is an Everbridge product that enables organizations to send critical communications to employees, customers, and partners via various channels, including SMS, email, desktop alerts, and/or voice. Everbridge Mass Notification sends 5 billion messages a year, to 600 million people, with over 160 worldwide patents.

How do organizations use Everbridge? 

An organization’s use of Everbridge will differ depending on the solutions they have.

Everbridge University and our Everbridge YouTube channel offer over 250 self-service resources to educate users on how to effectively use Everbridge. For in-product support, users can click the help icon in the application to access the support documentation at any time.

For specific questions or personalized support, Everbridge customers can contact our support team here.

How much does Everbridge cost?

The cost of Everbridge varies depending on the size of the organization and the specific products and services required. To learn more about Everbridge pricing models, schedule a demo today.

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