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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

Everbridge Travel Protector™

Keep traveling and remote employees safe by identifying relevant threats, warning those affected, and prescribing appropriate action.

Travel Protector

Keep your people safe, wherever they go

Organizations must prioritize the physical and mental well-being of their employees while traveling. Although companies have to ensure the safety of their travelers, they may need more resources to establish a comprehensive travel risk management program that accurately evaluates potential risks, gathers relevant information, and maintains effective communication with their business travelers.

Everbridge Travel ProtectorTM enables organizations to fulfill their duty of care to people in their organization, regardless of where they may be for work. As part of Everbridge’s industry-leading Critical Event Management (CEM) platform, Travel Protector provides 360° threat awareness, dynamic travel intelligence, and advanced communications based on travel data.

Travel Protector Everbridge Dashboard

All-hazards risk intelligence

Get a 360° view of potential dangers for anyone in your organization, including travelers. Identify risks for travelers, provide security and pre-trip travel advisories, and be alerted of travel plans of VIPs, people traveling to high-risk destinations, and other bookings of interest.

Location awareness & alerts

Quickly and confidently identify which travelers may be in harm’s way based on their proximity to potential threats. Locate travelers based on mobile-app location check-ins, travel reservations (air, hotel, rail, car, etc.), and powerful travel search capabilities.   

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Person With Mobile App

Traveler safety app

Travelers can minimize potential risks associated with traveling by utilizing a mobile app customized for their organization that offers travel risk intelligence, educational materials, notifications, and the means to contact in an emergency.

See how it works

With a new hybrid workforce and an upswing in business travel, managing travel risk is more important than ever to protect your employee’s well-being and strengthen your organization’s resilience. Let us show you how we can help.

Everbridge Travel Protector
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24/7 medical & security assistance

Get 24/7 Medical & Security Assistance with Everbridge, just one call away. Using Everbridge Assist alongside Travel Protector helps mitigate risks and respond when crises occur, embracing events that affect corporate travelers’ health, safety, and well-being. Everbridge Assisttm is Powered by Anvil.

Global Travel Risk Management

Build a travel risk management program

Organizations must develop a successful TRM plan to strengthen resilience. Learn about crucial pillars to build a strategy, duty of care, and protecting employees in an evolving work environment.   

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Everbridge Assist™ powered by Anvil

A comprehensive assistance service, providing 24/7 multilingual medical and security support. Paired with Travel Protector, it helps organizations meet the requirements of IS0 31030, the travel risk management standard.

corporate business traveler at airport

Duty of care for business travelers

Business travel is vital for companies; however, due to changes in working conditions and travel, new challenges arise. Companies must manage travel risks to ensure employee safety.

people boarding a train

Travel risk management 101

This guide outlines elements of a travel risk management program for hybrid workforce models. It covers assessing and mitigating risks, ensuring key stakeholder involvement, and outlining best practices.

ISO 31030 free assessment

Rate your travel risk management program

How does your travel risk management program measure up against ISO 31030? Take this survey to benchmark your efforts against the official travel risk management standard.   

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Expectations of ISO 31030

Organizations should manage travel following ISO 31030. Learn more about what it is, why organizations should follow it, and how Everbridge can help.  

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