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Largest Global Auto Makers

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Largest Global Accounting Firms

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Largest U.S. Health Insurers

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Largest U.S. Cities

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Largest U.S. Investment Banks

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Busiest North American airports

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Use a Unified Platform

Consolidate suppliers with one system for Emergency Management; Employee, Traveler, Visitor, and Lone Worker Safety; IT Alerting; On-call Scheduling; Supply Chain Disruptions; and Performance Management of Incident Response.

Dynamic, Not Static

Go beyond office and home-based locations and notify people based upon where they really are or when they enter an Incident Zone.

Launch Incidents, Not Just Notifications

Kick-off pre-planned responses in seconds. Eliminate errors by not requiring your personnel to decide what message to send to which stakeholder under stress.

Gain One Common Operating Picture

Display threats, people, assets, situational context and incident status all together and break down silos of information.

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