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Perspectives on Critical Event Management


Keep Employees Safe Everywhere, Corporate

Digital Transformation in the New Normal

With Covid-19 cases resurgent worldwide, if your company hasn’t yet considered a digital transformation of its operations, now’s the time. … Read More

Alert Residents and Visitors, Pandemic Preparedness, Speed Healthcare Team Response, Hospitals + Healthcare Systems

Digital Wayfinding and COVID-19 Response for Hospitals

Everbridge recently spoke with Mark Green, CEO of Connexient, a recent Everbridge acquisition. Everbridge and Connexient have combined forces to… Read More

Business Continuity Planning, Keep Employees Safe Everywhere, Pandemic Preparedness, Corporate, States + Local Governments

What is Contact Tracing? Here’s What You Need to Know

Contact tracing will be an essential discipline for helping states, countries, and businesses reopen as threats of COVID-19 infections decline.… Read More

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