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When time is money, seconds matter.

Fast-moving cyber threats, IT failovers that fail, security breaches, accelerated market factors, natural disasters, liquidity crisis…the amount and intensity of threats is accelerating. At the same time, regulators are enhancing their requirements for operational resilience, business continuity and crisis management for the financial sector.

The shear speed and complexity of managing attacks, market events, IT failures, weather threats, and counterparty impacts requires a proven, best-in-class, unified, critical event management solution.

Unified Approach to Critical Event Management                 10 Steps to Operational Resilience

Equip Your Siloed Operational Risk Groups with a Common Operating Framework and Response Picture

In most financial services firms each operational risk group – cyber response, IT infrastructure, business continuity, service operations and security – uses different incident management parameters. Incident response is manual, and reporting is fragmented. Precious minutes are spent trying to contact and update employees and clients. Reliance on emails, unsecure messaging, and weak communications protocols are potential points of failure.

Financial services firms who can standardize and automate threat detection, crisis management, incident response and emergency communications across their siloed operational risk groups and their lines of business will have the agility, reliability and efficiencies to manage a best-in-class resiliency program.


Poor Communications are Your Biggest Security Threat

Meet the Evolving FFIEC Business Continuity Management Guidelines

The FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) has enhanced their mandates for operational resilience, business continuity and crisis management for the financial sector. Rising expectations from regulators demonstrate the need for a single, unified critical event management platform to be used across operational risk areas to gain efficiencies of process, knowledge, and impact assessment. Regulators are focused on the impacts of operational outages and the affect they can have across the industry. Regulators are asking for response benchmarks, detailed tracking, audit logs and evidence of executive oversights.

Everbridge helps financial services firms meet FFIEC regulatory guidelines for business continuity and standardize and automate their emergency response across operational risk groups to get everyone on the same page when responding to critical events.

The Everbridge Critical Event Management platform is uniquely able to correlate, respond to, and track events that emerge from either physical or digital incidents. This allows security and business continuity teams to take a proactive approach to mitigating risk. The platform’s orchestration capabilities enable rules-assisted actioning across business continuity teams, helping to unify a rapid response to critical events.

Composite views of high severity operational problems across cyber response, information security, business continuity, infrastructure, security/facilities and weather threats allow you to determine the impacts on your business, as well as to the underlying investments and counterparties.

Using a common critical event management platform across the business, you can capture workflow efficiencies, establish company-wide response metrics, and meet regulatory operational guidelines and reporting obligations.

Goldman Sachs Selects Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform

Goldman Sachs selects Everbridge to enhance its ability to monitor, respond and to report on operational risks, business continuity incidents and employee safety threats. The SaaS platform will be deployed for their resiliency, crisis management and business continuity teams around the globe.

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Worldpay reduces the mean-time-to-respond from 46 to 3 minutes

Worldpay from FIS, enhances its operational resilience with the Everbridge IT Alerting platform to dramatically reduce the time it takes to respond to IT incidents. A leader in payment solutions, Worldpay supports more than 300 payment types, processing over 40 billion transactions annually.

Case Study: Worldpay