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Insights from Amazon Logistics & Whole Foods Market on preparing for severe weather events

Hospitals + healthcare systems

Everbridge industry focus

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Delivering quality care while protecting patients, staff, and systems

Hospital and health system use cases

Emergency preparedness

Don’t let an incident make a greater impact than your response. From natural disasters to chemical spills to mass casualty incidents, hospitals and health systems need to be able to communicate and coordinate rapidly with many constituents about how to respond to the emergency while maintaining compliance to CMS guidelines.

Quality patient care

Clinical communication and collaboration are the key to good clinical care. This is especially true for hospitals and health system where care teams need to be able to rapidly communicate to manage the highest acuity patients including strokes, STEMI, and trauma patients when every minute counts.

Keep technology running

Software, hardware and IT failures, as well as ransomware and other cyber-attacks, impact EHR and other essential hospital systems. When teams need to be identified and rallied to address the situation, every minute saved by automating communications and ensuring the right people are alerted and begin resolving the issue as fast as possible results in improved patient care and reduced physician and staff frustration.

Bringing acute inpatient care
home with well-coordinated,
accurate communication

Brigham and Woman’s Hospital is leveraging highly monitored and coordinated communication – enabled by Everbridge CareConverge – between
physicians, in-home caregivers and patients, the program is proving beneficial for both the healthcare system and patients.

Healthcare systems
Patient Being Rushed To Operating Room

Your guide to CMS preparedness

Are you ready for your next compliance audit, are your communication plans CMS ready? If you have completed an audit, are there areas of improvement you need to re-examine?

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