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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

The ROI of critical event management 

Discover the true business value a CEM platform can deliver to your organization with the Forrester ROI Calculator, in addition to keeping your people safe and organization running.

Roi Statistics

What value does Everbridge bring to our current customers?


Three-year total risk-adjusted benefit
of the Everbridge platform



Based on customer feedback and quantified benefit, cost, risk, and flexibility factors, Forrester Consulting determined that through using the Everbridge CEM platform, organizations reduced the time taken to identify and remedy critical events, getting revenue-generating activities back up to speed more quickly.

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Comprehensive study from Forrester Consulting quantifies the ROI of CEM

Commissioned by Everbridge, Forrester Consulting created The Total Economic Impact™ Of Everbridge Critical Event Management study to examine the return-on-investment organizations may realize when implementing CEM. Gain valuable insights into the ROI of critical event management, such as:  

  • $3M in efficiency gains 
  • $2M saved in reduced IT downtime 
  • $1.5M in security team productivity gains 
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Calculate your organization’s potential ROI

Discover the potential business value a critical event management platform can bring to your organization with the Forrester ROI Calculator. With four simple inputs, the Forrester ROI calculator can generate a fully customized report revealing the quantifiable benefits that Everbridge CEM can bring to your organization.

Create a quantifiable business case for Everbridge CEM

Often, CSOs, GSOCs, and Security Analysts know the value of a critical event management platform can have for their organization, but they need help demonstrating this to their fellow business leaders or board of directors. Developed by Forrester Consulting, this Total Economic Impact™ checklist will enable you to develop a custom ROI assessment in seven simple steps so you can easily demonstrate the value of Everbridge CEM.

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