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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

Retail + eCommerce

Everbridge industry focus

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Protecting people, revenue and inventory

Severe weather, crime, cyber-attacks and IT failures have one thing in common for retailers: they all can result in lost revenue.  With Everbridge, retailers can anticipate threats, assess data, communicate with response teams, impacted employees, and stakeholders, and analyze past responses to minimize and prevent the impacts of business disruptions.

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Southern Glazer’s improves employee safety

“Employee safety and enterprise resiliency are paramount and we continually seek innovative solutions and partnerships that ensure we are meeting these demands.”

– John Liuzzi, National Director of Business Continuity

Retail use cases

Retail employee safety

Natural and man-made threats can put your most valuable assets – your employees – at risk. You need to able to assess events, locate the people that need help and those that can help, and act quickly to get and keep your people out of harm’s way – and account for each employee’s safety.

Retail store disruption

Severe weather, crime, protests, or even a nearby construction project can causes your stores to be impacted. By having better foresight of potential issues, and better information during incidents, you can minimize the impacts of revenue loss, lost or damaged inventory, poor customer experience and risks to your employees.

eCommerce downtime

IT failures and cyber-attacks impact e-commerce sites with regularity and the impact can mean millions in lost revenue. Every minute saved by automating communications and ensuring the right people are alerted to rapidly begin resolution results in preserved revenue, reduce costs and improved customer satisfaction.


Active shooter incident consequence management and the roadmap to recovery

Additional resources

White Paper: 8 Principles of supply chain risk

Nowhere is risk more evident than in the retail supply chain. Natural disasters, weather, civil unrest, terrorism, workforce strikes and even construction and traffic, all can impact your supply chain. These risks can delay or completely disrupt the supply chain, threatening on-time delivery, manufacturing processes and customer commitments.

On-Demand: How Starbucks responds to critical events

With over 238,000 employees across 25,000 locations in 66 countries, this global coffee retail and coffeehouse chain understands the importance of sending the right message to the right people when critical events occur. Managing critical events is imperative to mitigating business disruptions like supply chain interruptions, severe weather, e-commerce outages, store closures, and product recalls, among others.

White Paper: Leadership in times of crisis

Retail and eCommerce Leaders today face extraordinary challenges – natural disasters, infrastructure and technology failures, emergent infectious diseases, and cyber attacks, to name just a few. In this white paper, Regina Phelps, Founder, Emergency Management & Safety Solutions, examines what is excellent performance in a crisis, and what it takes to achieve it.

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