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Control Center

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Integrate control of your physical assets

For many organizations, managing safety and security can be a daunting task. Threats are increasing and risks are becoming increasingly diverse. Operations also continue to grow, involving more systems, more data and many more users.

All of this can be difficult to manage, and costly to control. Making sense of all your information is hard enough during normal operations. When a critical event unfolds and information floods into your organization, it can be overwhelming. You need to get the right information to the right people at the right time to protect your people and facilities and ensure operational continuity.

Control Center - Maintaining Operational Control

Control Center correlates events from disparate safety and security systems into a common operating picture to focus people’s attention on what really matters. The platform provides users with actionable alerts, next step actions, and automated reporting to better manage risks, ensure compliance with operating procedures and support your business continuity. Automated workflows ensure rapid, consistent responses, reducing the risk of human error. It also facilitates direct device activation to ensure you are always in operational control and protecting your people. Dynamic reports and dashboards provide real-time actionable insights for your operations teams and senior executives.

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Real-time situational awareness

Control your assets through a single common operating picture, not as isolated systems and data. Control centrally and work independently through federated architecture for global deployments.

Reduce risk

Automate decision-making and compliance procedures to ensure that the appropriate process is followed for any given situation. Have confidence that a consistent response is used in accordance with your standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Accelerate response times

Automate actions and consistent next step tasks to accelerate response times, such as activating response teams or triggering instructions to other systems.

Avoid technology lock-ins

An open integration platform and existing library of 250+ drivers enables you to avoid big-bang expenses by taking a more evolutionary approach to new technology spend.

Prevent information overload

Focus attention and ensure compliance with an orchestration engine that correlates events and maintains security and auditability.

Keep stakeholders informed

Improve efficiencies, effectiveness and visibility through automating performance reporting and real-time dashboards that are configured to your organizational requirements.

With Control Center, your organization can be safe, secure, and in operational control. Now and in the future.