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Protecting People, Equipment, and Production

Get On the Path to Resilience

Critical events have the potential to have a huge impact on the operations of technology companies and telecomm providers. The impact of events like severe weather emergencies, natural disasters, active shooters, cyber-attacks, and technology failures not only hurt bottom-line results but can also put employees at risk. Whether facing an incident management, operational resiliency or emergency notification challenge, your organization needs to seamlessly reach distributed workforces, stakeholders, and customers—in multiple locations and across a variety of devices.

Operational Resilience for Carriers

We Keep Rackspace Resilient

Rackspace implemented Everbridge as part of their agile disaster recovery plan. They were looking for a system that integrated seamlessly with all their existing systems. Physical security helps their people perform at a higher level.  

"Whether it's a local active shooter situation, an act of terrorism that could impact global travelers, or a weather-driven crisis, we are confident that we can reliably reach all of our employees in those situations rapidly and keep them out of harm’s way.”

Mark Terry, Director of Global Enterprise Security, Rackspace

Features and Benefits for the Technology & Telecomm Industry

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning unlock ways to overcome hurdles to keep your operations running and your business resilient, even when faced with a crisis. Being able to navigate through a crisis by using the Critical Event Management (CEM) methodology will enable your business to assess, identify, and mitigate risks to perform better every day while keeping your people and assets safe.

Emergency Travel Communication

Duty of Care

Keep Employees Safe and Informed

Natural and man-made threats and hazardous environments can put your employees at risk. Having the tools to assess events, locate people, and act quickly to get them out of harm’s way is invaluable to protecting all aspects of your business.

Minimize Impact of System Outages

Quickly Alert the Right People

Application or website outages, hardware or software failures, performance degradations or cyber-attacks can result in lost revenue from SLA violations, lost freemium/trial conversions, or even churned customers. Automate digital operations to quickly identify and gather experts and teams to minimize financial impact.

Server room interior in datacenter

Travel Risk Management

Keep Employees Safe and Informed

Identify potential travel issues to mitigate the impact of disruption and keep your employees safe during travel.  Riskmatics® by Anvil* keeps employees safe by providing medical and security assistance through a 24/7 response center.  It also provides guidance to keep your business compliant with ISO 31030.

*Anvil is an Everbridge Company

“Before, our security operations used 60 proprietary technologies that didn't interoperate. Now, all but two are integrated into a single management and alarm system.”

- Brian Tuskan, Sr. Director of Global Security, Microsoft Global Security

A Day Like Any Other...

Safeguard Against the Unexpected

The Everbridge Critical Event Management platform keeps people and assets safe and businesses running.