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8 of the 10 top U.S. energy and utility companies trust Everbridge

Protect Employees, Equipment, Production, and Communities

Whether it’s an emergency incident that requires immediately notifying employees, customers, or regulatory groups, or daily tasks like maintaining plant operations, organizations need a critical communications capability to meet regulatory requirements, improve operations, and help protect life and property.  From substation operations and pipeline management to managing demand response and proactive customer communications, Everbridge enables rapid communication with your internal teams and the communities they serve, all while cutting costs. 

Oil and Gas Industry Data Sheet      Utilities Employee Protection and Life Safety

“Tailoring messages to specific regions rather than sending to the entire population, and responding to situations appropriately based on customer, gives us a lot of flexibility and saves a lot of time.”

– Arron Bean, Operations Director


“Employee safety and enterprise resiliency are paramount and we continually seek innovative solutions and partnerships that ensure we are meeting these demands.”

– John Liuzzi, National Director of Business Continuity

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Active Shooter Preparedness Kit