Interactive Visibility

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Integrating recipient feedback, external data feeds, and social media in a single communications console, Everbridge Interactive Visibility allows decision-makers to simultaneously monitor events and communicate efficiently to designated recipients using insight gathered from multiple sources.

Everbridge Interactive Visibility is supported by state-of-the-art security protocols, an elastic infrastructure, advanced mobility, and interactive reporting and analytics. By providing users with simultaneous visibility and interactivity, decision-makers are able to use real-time data gathered from multiple sources to make better informed decisions and manage the lifecycle of critical incidents with increased efficiency and speed.

Features & Benefits

Go Social

  • Integration with social media makes the overwhelming volume of Big Data sensible and relevant to the individual needs of your organization.
  • Create thresholds and alert settings based on keywords, locations, volume and time.
  • Add dynamic threshold settings on-the-fly during a crisis by following users during an event.
  • Sharing messages from the Everbridge Mobile Member App via Twitter allows an important message to be delivered to a wide audience in real-time.
  • View geo-tagged Tweets and images Tweeted with Twitter on a map.
  • Trigger notifications and alerts in real-time based on threshold settings for Twitter.
  • Subscribe to inbound data feeds, such as Twitter, in order to gain real-time processing, analysis and geo-mapping of content.

View, Communicate, Interact

  • View and interact with the most vital and up-to-the-minute information in real-time within a single multitasking control console that puts you in control before, during and after an incident.
  • Custom threshold settings enable the user to identify important locations and geographic boundaries, relevant time periods, weather events, and Twitter streams.
  • Geo-aware feeds enable quick and easy identification of affected locations and instant notification of contacts in the vicinity of the location.
  • Trigger notifications and display alerts on a map as soon as a weather event or Twitter stream threshold has been triggered.

Go Mobile

  • Turn notifications into conversations with the Everbridge Mobile Member App. Two-way communication enables end recipients to become the eyes and ears of the organization during a crisis by responding to surveys, supplying additional information and sharing their location real-time images from the scene; enabling true geo-aware interactive communication.
  • Everbridge Mobile Member App is available for iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phones and tablets.
  • Real-time processing, analysis and geo-location of mobile feeds.
  • Share messages with extended network via Twitter, E-mail and SMS.
  • Unlimited outbound notifications to, and inbound notifications from, the Everbridge Mobile Member App.
  • Fully integrated with Everbridge Mass Notification.

360° Location Awareness

  • Geographical information received from the Everbridge Mobile Member App can be easily plotted on a map.
  • Instantly identify affected locations and notify contacts in the vicinity of an incident.
  • Plot weather-shaped polygons on a map for visual reference or use them to select contact data to add to a notification.
  • Plot contacts’ replies to messages from the Everbridge Mobile Member App on a map.