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How do I know if my employees are safe or need assistance?

Safety Connection

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How Safety Connection Works

Any time one of your people logs onto your network, swipes an access badge or uses the Everbridge mobile app, it is captured by Safety Connection. Those data points are continuously cross-checked against travel management or scheduling systems to pinpoint that person’s last known and expected location without ever infringing upon his or her privacy.

This information, combined with direct access to the leading intelligence feeds, allows security teams to monitor active threats in relation to their people’s safety and automatically alert them when they are close to or approaching danger. Two-way communication capabilities allow recipients to acknowledge receipt of alerts, confirm their safety or request additional assistance.

Safety Connection also helps enable a culture of mutual responsibility by empowering your people. The mobile SOS button and Safe Corridor feature allows your people to notify you when they need help, or voluntarily check-in when they feel they are in a potentially dangerous situation.

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Safety Connection

Protect and Alert Your Workforce

Wherever They Are

With an increasingly mobile workforce, distributed teams, and large campuses, traditional physical safety measures don’t offer sufficient employee protection. Safety Connection helps businesses and organizations quickly locate and communicate with their people who may be in harm’s way.

Keep People Informed

Power of Location-Based Alerts

Safety Connection lets you:

  • Know who is in the building and communicate with them in case of  emergencies.
  • Automate communications and collaboration for mustering purposes and evacuation plans.
  • Automate evacuation rostering during emergencies.
  • Target outreach via SMS text alerts, voice, mobile app alerts, digital signage or desktop alerts.
  • Use the Everbridge Mobile Application to immediately send a message to your team pinpointing your current location.

Locate People in Harm's Way

Manually Locating Traveling Employees Takes Too Long

When seconds count, automatically locate your employees even while they’re traveling or simply moving between buildings or campuses. Safety Connection aggregates data to show you where your employees are right now, in real-time.

Leverage Location Data

with Dynamic Locations

Automatically keep employee locations current even when they are traveling or moving between buildings and campuses. Aggregate location data from:

  • Access and badging systems including Lenel, Tyco, S2, and more
  • Wired and wireless network access points like Cisco.
  • Office hoteling systems like Dean Evans.
  • Corporate travel management systems like Concur.


  • Instantly locate your people in a crisis
  • Provide and maintain two-way emergency communication
  • Identify threats before they happen
  • Empower people to prevent violence and victimization

Protecting Your People Anywhere

With an increasingly mobile workforce, distributed teams and large campuses, the traditional approach of physical security alone cannot by itself keep people safe. Everbridge Safety Connection helps businesses and organizations quickly locate and communicate with their people who may be in harm’s way.

The Power of Safety Connection

  • Dynamic Locations

    360-degree view of your people’s last known and expected locations with full privacy protection.

  • Threat Intelligence

    More than 100 out-of-the-box integrations with leading threat intelligence providers, including NC4, WDT, Twitter and Nixle.

  • Ecosystem

    The largest ecosystem of security and interoperability partners in the industry.

  • Dashboards and Reporting

    Preconfigured and custom dashboards monitor critical events in real-time and allow all activities to be downloaded into incident reports.

  • Incident Zones

    Virtual boundaries drawn around a critical event using GPS data to trigger automated notifications and alerts when a device enters that particular area.

  • CEM Platform

    One Platform. One Process.