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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

Safety Connection

Quickly locate people based on their static, last known, or expected location, send immediate alerts, and keep them updated during a critical event.

How Safety Connection works

Any time one of your people logs onto your network, swipes an access badge or uses the Everbridge mobile app, it is captured by Safety Connection. Those data points are continuously cross-checked against scheduling systems to pinpoint that person’s last known and expected location without ever infringing upon his or her privacy.

This information, combined with direct access to the leading intelligence feeds, allows security teams to monitor active threats to their people’s safety and automatically alert them when they are close to or approaching danger. Two-way communication capabilities allow recipients to acknowledge receipt of alerts, confirm their safety or request additional assistance.

Safety Connection helps enable a culture of mutual responsibility by empowering your people. The mobile SOS button and Safe Corridor feature allows your people to notify you when they need help, or voluntarily check-in when they feel they are in a potentially dangerous situation.

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Protect and alert your workforce wherever they are

With an increasingly mobile workforce, distributed teams, and large campuses, traditional physical safety measures don’t offer sufficient employee protection. Safety Connection helps businesses and organizations quickly locate and communicate with their people who may be in harm’s way.


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Instantly locate your people in a crisis

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Provide and maintain two-way emergency communication

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Identify threats before they happen

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Empower people to prevent violence and victimization

Keep people informed with the power of location-based alerts

  • Know who is in the building and communicate with them in case of emergencies.
  • Automate communications and collaboration for mustering purposes and evacuation plans.
  • Automate evacuation rostering during emergencies.
  • Target outreach via SMS text alerts, voice, mobile app alerts, digital signage or desktop alerts.
  • Use the Everbridge Mobile Application to immediately send a message to your team pinpointing your current location.
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Safety Connection Location Laptop

Leverage location data with dynamic locations

Automatically keep employee locations current even when they are on the move. Aggregate location data from:

  • Access and badging systems including Lenel, Tyco, S2, and more
  • Wired and wireless network access points like Cisco.
  • Office hoteling systems like Dean Evans.

Reach your employees when it matters

“The Everbridge tool has just made it easy for us to reach mass numbers of people, easily. An active shooter event locally, or an act of terrorism that could impact global travelers, or if it’s a weather-driven event or crisis, we feel confident that we can reach all of our employees in those situations and keep them out of harm’s way.”

Mark Terry, Director of Global Enterprise Security, Rackspace

Rackspace CEO
Wearable Employee Panic Device

Wearable panic buttons

Protected on-the-go…everywhere

In an unpredictable world, safety is a priority, not an option. Everbridge introduces the next step in personal safety technology: our Everbridge Personal Safety Device with lightning-fast 5G connectivity. Designed for immediacy, reliability, and ease of use, this sleek device ensures that help is always just a tap away.

Sanofi customer perspective

Bhavesh Patel, Sr. Director, Security Operations & Technology for Sanofi explains how his global security organization strategically leverages Everbridge to unlock its true value beyond just emergency notification. Sanofi’s global security team has operationalized the platform to improve different processes that benefit from efficient and automated communications.

Bhavesh Patel Sanofi

“You have a clear understanding of the customer, or your employee, and can support them where they are today or where they are going to be tomorrow”

Bhavesh Patel, Sr. Director, Security Operations & Technology, Sanofical Industry

Protecting your people anywhere

With an increasingly mobile workforce, distributed teams and large campuses, the traditional approach of physical security alone cannot by itself keep people safe. Everbridge Safety Connection helps businesses and organizations quickly locate and communicate with their people who may be in harm’s way.

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The power of Safety Connection


Dynamic locations

360-degree view of your people’s last known and expected locations with full privacy protection.


CEM platform

One Platform. One Process.



The largest ecosystem of security and interoperability partners in the industry.


Dashboards and reporting

Preconfigured and custom dashboards monitor critical events in real-time and allow all activities to be downloaded into incident reports.


Incident zones

Virtual boundaries drawn around a critical event using GPS data to trigger automated notifications and alerts when a device enters that particular area.

Safety Connection

Working-from-home, or at least a hybrid approach, is here to stay. Yet when away from the office, workers are especially vulnerable to safety and security risks, and not all policies are inclusive of telecommuting.

Preparedness kit:
active shooter

Using new guidelines produced by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency as our baseline, we complied active shooter best practices and recommendations into one comprehensive kit.

Safety Connection helps keep employees safe

During a critical event, Safety Connection dynamically helps you determine who is near or headed to an area of threat and send specific instructions when every second counts and even small distances matter.

Critical event management for the Boston Marathon

“Everbridge is a tool that allows us to connect with our volunteers on race day that we otherwise wouldn’t have the ability to connect with.”

Mary Miller, Volunteer Program Manager, BAA

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