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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

Risk Intelligence

Proactively monitor and mitigate risk with powerful visualization and orchestration.

Everbridge Risk Intelligence

Risk Intelligence is a risk monitoring solution that integrates risk intelligence technology and resources around all-hazards information collection and analysis, enhancing your ability to monitor, analyze, and respond to risk.

Combining thousands of the most trustworthy data sources with an experienced team of analysts at our Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC), Risk Intelligence’s targeted real-time alerting streamlines your organization’s ability to monitor and analyze worldwide incidents and events, dramatically increasing your ability to respond to risks that threaten your people, organization, and supply chain.

This comprehensive, configurable risk monitoring solution delivers actionable information that helps reduce risk wherever your people live, work, or travel.

How Risk Intelligence works to keep employees safe

Satisfy duty of care obligations with real-time risk assessment and hyper-local data of the threat landscape wherever your employees live, work, and travel. Through targeted real-time alerting, organizations can proactively monitor and analyze domestic or worldwide incidents and events, dramatically increasing the ability to respond to risks that threaten people and organizations. This risk management solution is scalable to hundreds of thousands of assets and millions of contacts.

Risk Center
Transportation And Logistics

Leverage supply chain risk monitoring

Improve your overall understanding of risk drivers and geographical concentration of risk to speed your ability to mitigate supply chain disruptions. Supply chain risk monitoring offers contextual data layers that can help you shape an appropriate response based on real-time conditions. Gain actionable insight into current weather conditions and traffic flow. Gain quicker understanding of who and what is at risk. Select an alert and monitor the risk details, including a list of potentially affected assets, giving you a complete picture of how unfolding events affect the links in your supply chain.

The Everbridge Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC)

The Everbridge Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC) analyzes thousands of trustworthy, vetted, and hyper-local data sources – across over 100 risk categories – using machine-learning and AI technology.

The RIMC team’s real-time alerting streamlines your organization’s ability to monitor and analyze worldwide incidents and events.

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Situational awareness

Improve overall situational awareness

Proactively manage day-to-day challenges and respond to disasters when they arise with a complete and shared understanding of critical events, incidents, and threats to your organization and supply chain. One common operating platform helps keep everyone in-the-know with what’s happening around them in real time. Communicate with persons at risk, responders, stakeholders, and those on a need-to-know basis using pre-defined communication templates.

Hyper-local real-time intelligence

Vetted, customized, hyper-local risk intelligence is essential to proactive incident risk monitoring and risk management. The RIMC strives to identify relevant risk events quickly while providing an appropriate level of detail. Our hyper-local profiling capabilities allow you to get details on even small-scale events with the potential to impact your organization and supply chain while filtering out the noise that might otherwise obscure them. Our proven analytical process combines automation, machine learning, and analysts to generate relevant risk intelligence quickly, at a high degree of confidence and with minimal duplication. The more granular the data, the more actionable your risk intelligence becomes, and the better your risk monitoring solution serves you.

Hyper Local Intelligence
Dramatic American Football Stadium

Using Risk Intelligence during large scale events

Learn how RIMC analysts create special event briefings and situation reports for large-scale events like the annual Super Bowl to streamline relevant intelligence.

Risk Intelligence white paper

Take a deep dive into this white paper to learn how the RIMC provides organizations with unprecedented visibility into the threats and incidents that can impact people and businesses.

8 principles of supply chain risk

Major supply chain breakdowns have spurred an industry-wide awakening that has business continuity and resilience leaders eager for new solutions and a competitive edge.

Watch Risk Intelligence in action

Gain valuable insights through customer use cases, RIMC capabilities, and ways to leverage the right intelligence to act quickly, protect employees, and keep operations running.

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