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Communicate in Context

Everbridge’s Situational Intelligence simplifies crisis management by integrating recipient feedback, external data feeds, and social media in a single communications console.

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Simultaneously monitor events and communicate to designated recipients, using insight gathered from multiple sources, to make better-informed decisions.

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What Does Everbridge Do?

VIDEO: What Does Everbridge Do?

Hear from a handful of Everbridge leaders and our customers about what it is we do and how we help with critical communications.

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The Everbridge Unified Critical Communication suite helps you get the right message, to the right person, at the right time, so you can reach Jane, Ben or Sam whether they are in the office, on a business trip, or out on the weekend.

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Incident Management

Consistent, Error-Free Messaging for All Types of Incidents

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Automate communication processes according to preconfigured rules and decrease costly human errors and reduce mean-time-to-resolution for critical response teams while still capturing required compliance information.

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IT Alerting

Maximize IT System Uptime

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Up to 80% of system downtime is caused by either human error or a failure to follow set processes. To reduce mistakes and IT system downtime, you need to ensure that the right experts are engaged as quickly as possible and have the right tools to solve the problem. Everbridge IT Alerting uses automatic escalation of alerts, on-call scheduling, mobile alerting, and more to keep you informed at all times.

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Westfield Gas & Electric on Everbridge

Video: Westfield Gas & Electric

Aaron Bean, Operations Superintendent for Westfield Gas & Electric, gives his perspective on the value of the Everbridge suite. From two-way communication to harnessing social media, he sees Everbridge as "light years" ahead of any other vendor.

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Everbridge offers Energy and Utility providers a single platform for all critical communications that can help protect life and property, meet regulatory requirements and improve operational efficiencies.

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CASE STUDY: First Hawaiian Bank

The Everbridge platform allows First Hawaiian Bank to deliver quick, accurate emergency notifications to groups of respondents across several islands.

Everbridge Enhances Team Rubicon's Operational Capacity

VIDEO: Team Rubicon

Ryan Ginty, Team Rubicon's Connecticut Coordinator, talks about how the organization utilizes Everbridge's platform to deliver critical communications, confirm receipt of those messages, and collect information back from the field.

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Whether dealing with incident management, operational communication, or emergency notification, your organization needs to seamlessly reach distributed workforce and stakeholders in any location, across a variety of devices from a single platform.

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DATA SHEET: Everbridge Solutions for Government

Quick and reliable communication is critical to the operations of any municipality. Quick and reliable Emergency Communication is critical to the operations of any municipality. whether related to criminal activities, severe weather or missing persons, the ability to quickly and reliably reach staff, emergency personnel, and citizens.

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Situational intelligence provides critical insight into developing events and can be used by authorities to help prevent a crisis before it occurs or to manage the aftermath of an incident.

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Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center on Everbridge

VIDEO: Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center

Robert Falaguerra, VP of Facilities at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, discusses conistent communications, mobility and emergency management, testing and training, and best practices with the Everbridge suite.

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Each day, hundreds of healthcare organizations rely on Everbridge to instantly communicate with key personnel, mobilize emergency responders, transmit vital staffing information to employees, and communicate with the patient community – all while maintaining detailed reporting compliance.

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John Dempsey Hospital on Everbridge

VIDEO: John Dempsey Hospital (UCONN)

Mark Petrone, Environmental Care Safety Officer for John Dempsey Hospital, takes a few minutes to talk about how the hospital uses Everbridge as a critical communications platform to from emergency preparedness to IT continuity.

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More than 100 colleges and universities use Everbridge for Campus Alerts to guide, advise, and protect more than two million students in emergencies.

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Case Study: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

The VTA wanted to optimize its communications by implementing an emergency notification system.

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In transportation hubs around the world, Everbridge technology is managing every-day and extraordinary emergencies effectively and efficiently, keeping first responders, badged personnel, management, and passengers informed about what’s happened and what’s next.

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