Everbridge University

Take Advantage of Certification and Training Courses

In order to effectively leverage the Everbridge Unified Critical Communications Platform, your staff needs proper emergency preparedness training. Everbridge University provides your team with the skills, techniques, concepts, and best practices needed to correctly relay critical communications, allowing you to redeem the full value from your investment.

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Disaster Management Courses

Receive access to continuously-updated, self-paced free learning modules to gain knowledge about Mass Notification. Learning modules are available for specific roles, product features, and API integrations.

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Live, On-Site Training

On-site disaster management training consists of five, role-based courses for administrators and users. Courses are taught by Everbridge instructors who are experts in emergency notification system requirements. Training can be scheduled based on your availability, and we can adjust the agenda to meet your emergency management needs.

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Introduction to Everbridge University

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Mass Notification Message Sender Certification

Everbridge Message Sender Certification provides emergency response, training courses, quizzes, and the certification exam needed to become a certified message sender. Pass the exam to receive a certificate and access to official logos to use in business materials, plus personal information highlighting your disaster preparedness credentials.

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Everbridge CARES Best Practices Certification

The Everbridge CARES: Best Practices for Notifications Certification goes beyond “how to send a notification” in the midst of disaster planning and is targeted towards the crisis management team who will determine message design, manage other message senders in your organization, and plan what information needs to be communicated to the recipients. Participants will focus on creating messages, determining which configuration settings work best for the audience and message, and understanding the common trade-offs that must be considered when messaging to diverse audiences.