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Critical Incident Response: Why Good Enough is Just Not Good Enough

Leveraging EMA research and a case-based approach, this webinar will explain how to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) through IT response automation. register

Severe Weather Preparedness – Everbridge Suite Guided Review

With hurricane season approaching, is your Everbridge system up to date? Get a tour of items to review in Everbridge Suite to ensure your organization is well-equipped. register

Moving From Passive to Active Crisis Management

This webinar examines how to close the gap between planning and analysis and establish an active crisis management strategy that focuses on real-world execution and resolution. register

Visual Command Center Administrator Basics

The Visual Command Center (VCC) SaaS functionality will be reviewed, including: Navigating the map, Assets, Risk Events, Alerts, Navigating the Admin Console, and more. register

The New Language of Worker Safety

Update your vocabulary and upgrade your security. Join us at this webinar where we will discuss terms you’ll need to incorporate into your employee safety procedures. details

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Basic Message Sender Training

This session will go through the basic content of a Notification and follow up reporting, covering best practices of the Everbridge system. register

Reduce Alert Fatigue With Targeted Self Service Subscriptions

We will walk through the feature of Incident Subscriptions, which allows customers to empower their recipients to choose exactly what they want to get notified about and when. register

Basic Training for New Account/Organization Administrators

This interactive customer-only webinar will review the baseline features that a new Account/Org Administrator will have access to, including: System Default Settings and more. register