SMART Weather Alerting

There is more to being smart than just knowing all the answers.

Everbridge Weather Alerts

Being smart means being prepared. Severe weather events are a fact of life. We can’t stop them but we can prepare for them.

Everbridge’s SMART Weather Alerting leverages AccuWeather & Weather Decision Technologies meteorological resources to enhance and optimize over 150 severe weather alerts such as lightning, tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, ice, snow, extreme temperatures, high winds, flash floods, and flooding. Because these severe weather types are difficult to predict far in advance, they often have terrible loss of property and life for those individuals who are caught unaware.

Everbridge SMART Weather Alerting provides location-specific severe weather alerts at the speed of click. An automated rules engine supercharges the speed and accuracy of alert delivery so notifications get to the right people right away.

What is SMART?
Notifications that are:
  • Specific – Detailed alerts, geographies, and stop start times.
  • Map-driven – Visual weather and select targets using GIS maps and shapes.
  • Automated – Deliver alerts to contacts and members automatically.
  • Rules-based – Use rules to determine when a message should be triggered.
  • Targeted – Deliver the right message to the right person automatically.


The Everbridge suite becomes even more powerful with SMART® Weather Alerting.
  • Employees, residents, and other key stakeholders are able to opt-in to receive weather alerts based on any number of addresses or locations over multiple contact paths through the Everbridge Member Portal.
  • Precise, meteorologist-drawn maps to select and contact recipients in areas affected by weather.
  • Weather alerts can be set up to send automated broadcasts to specialized teams, such as emergency managers or business continuity teams.
  • Automatically send out broadcasts to all affected recipients in an impact area for highly time-sensitive alerts, such as tornado warnings.


  • Access to more than 150 different types of the most accurate location-specific weather and severe weather alerts including hail and lightning.
  • Timely, accurate weather warnings.
  • Only recipients in affected locations will be contacted when weather affects their area.
  • Unparalleled weather warning insight.
  • Alert delivery follows Everbridge’s philosophy of “target the individual, not the device” and escalates alerts through a number of contact paths, including mobile, until the recipient confirms receipt.
  • Configurable “quiet periods” for opt-in members.
  • Improved ability to protect and serve your constituents.
  • Quickly put location-based warnings in the right hands, in real-time, enabling more informed decisions.
  • Reduced time to notification, improving each individual’s ability to take necessary precautions.