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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

Inclement weather solutions        

Prepare, communicate, and respond to weather events with Everbridge. 

Everbridge inclement weather solutions

Protect your people and maintain operations during severe weather events 

Severe weather preparedness has never been more important, as the frequency and intensity of weather events is ever increasing. Corporate leaders and public safety officials require effective and reliable solutions to mitigate risk and protect their people during these events.  

Everbridge provides inclement weather solutions like Mass Notification and Public Safety that help corporate leaders and emergency managers solve the challenges that arise from inclement weather.  

Common challenges during severe weather events

Split Second Preparation

Split-second preparation

  • Prioritizing actions in seconds  
  • Immediately understanding context about the event  
  • Quickly identifying impacted people and available resources  
Instantaneous Communication

Instantaneous communication

  • Relaying urgent warnings and evacuation orders instantly 
  • Leveraging all available communication channels  
  • Reaching residents and employees in the shortest time possible to enhance preparedness and response  
Effective Response

Effective response

  • Mobilizing available response teams and resources  
  • Ensuring teams reach affected areas promptly  
  • Mitigating hazards and providing aid

Prepare, communicate, and respond to a weather event with Everbridge Mass Notification and Public Safety solutions 



Proactively navigate severe weather with agility to minimize impact and emerge stronger.  

  • Receive hyper-relevant intelligence, allowing for strategic decision-making and preemptive actions to protect assets and personnel  
  • Automate communications to avert panic, minimize disruptions, and ensure the safety of individuals   
  • Orchestrate a well-coordinated response, manage resources effectively, and implement recovery plans all through a centralized platform built for collaboration  
Icon Redunancy Across Mobilities


Critical information can be disseminated rapidly and reliably, to the right people, at the right time with sophisticated capabilities. 

  • Geo-targeted alerts  
  • Multi-lingual support  
  • Two-way communication  
  • Resource coordination  
Everbridge Inclement Weather solution - How It Works

How it works

When teams operate from a centralized critical event management (CEM) platform, responses are rapid and coordinated.   

Before an event, Everbridge alerts managers to a potential risk so they have time to assess, then identify and locate team members or assets in harm’s way.   

From the same platform, managers can automate action plans and send communications, so teams have the information they need to act quickly.    

Afterwards, analytics pinpoint how to improve processes during the next event.  

Keep people safe and your organization running

Invest in a solution that can prepare you for severe weather and help you respond during any kind of critical event. Our customers experience the following results: 

  • Hyper-relevant intelligence provides ample time for preparation, often over 24 hours.    
  • Opt-in alerting greatly expands the reach of communications, in one case from 6% to 75%.   
  • Two-way communications enables organizations to send alerts and receive responses from employees in just seconds.
Keeping Employees Safe
Navigating Severe Weather

Navigating uncertain climates: Strengthening resilience against severe weather events 

In the face of climate change, corporations and communities are grappling with the increasing unpredictability of weather patterns and associated severe weather events. Watch as this panel-led session will shed light on the challenges posed by climate variability, and provide insights into strategies for resilience and adaptation.

Inclement weather FAQs

How do you create an inclement weather policy?

Creating an inclement weather policy involves several steps such as assessing risks and needs, building a communication plan, outlining safety protocols, anticipating regular review, and more.

What are the legal obligations of employers during inclement weather?

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their employees during inclement weather by providing a safe work environment. This may include implementing an inclement weather policy, allowing for flexible hours, or closing the workplace if conditions are hazardous. All these steps necessitate clear communications with employees about any changes or expectations during severe weather events. Learn more about how to rapidly and effectively communicate with employees during inclement weather, here.

How can organizations prepare for inclement weather events?   

Using pre-defined templates, emergency managers can more easily email their employees during inclement. Using pre-defined templates, emergency managers can more easily email their employees during inclement weather scenarios. Mass notification and other inclement weather solutions can make this even easier. In one click, automatically alert all impacted individuals across multiple channels such as SMS, email, desktop alerts, and/or voice. Learn more.

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