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4 Ways Renown Health protects their staff and optimizes processes with Everbridge

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are constantly striving to improve logistics, save time and create a safe environment. Patient safety and improved care team collaboration are on the top of every hospital’s list of priorities. Within a healthcare setting, faster, efficient communication leads to better patient outcomes and improved business processes. Whether you’re sending emergency alerts, communicating with hospital personnel or alerting your IT response teams of a system downtime issue, you need to be able to get the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Everbridge helps 800+ hospitals, including Renown Health, protect staff and optimize business processes. View the clips below to hear about how Renown Health utilizes Everbridge in multiple scenarios ranging from STEMI and code alerts to IT incident response.

PACS System Downtime

When the PACS system goes down at Renown Health, notifications are sent to roughly 30 leaders and radiologists about initial downtime, updates, system restore and scheduled downtime.

On-Call Staff Communication 

Renown streamlines on-call staff communication with simple text messages that eliminate complex, manual processes. Reporting functionality allows the hospital to hold staff accountable.

Code Triage

During a code triage, Renown sends messages to roughly 40 leaders across the organization, which helped eliminate time-consuming manual processes.

STEMI, Sepsis and Stroke Alerts

During STEMI, Sepsis and Stroke incidents, the ER charge nurse at Renown initiates a notification to make sure all team members are ready to help the patient when he/she arrives in the ER.

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