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Clery Act Communication Requirements

5 Steps to Compliance

Lack of compliance with Clery Act can result in hefty fines for colleges and universities. In 2016, a major institution was hit with a $2.4 million dollar fine for not meeting one of the requirements. While not limited to just communication, the Act does have very strict requirements for Timely Warnings and Emergency Notifications that must be met in order to avoid financial consequences. Watch the replay of the webinar, The Clery Act’s Emergency Communications Requirements: Five Steps to Compliance to help ensure your university can avoid any financial levies and keep your campus safe. During this webinar you will learn the five steps which include: Step One:
      Form a Clery Committee
Step Two:
      Determine your Clery Act Geography
Step Three:
      Understand the Clery Act requirements for Timely Warning and Emergency Notification
Step Four:
      Create clear, defendable policies and procedures
Step Five:
    Implement your program and include the information in your Annual Security Report
Watch the replay webinar here.

Visit our Clery Act page for more information.

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