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Corporate critical communications: “Best of 2015” Everbridge quotes

Best of 2015: IT Service Alerting, Business Continuity and Enterprise Critical Communications

Thanks for taking some time to reflect on 2015 — here goes!

1. “Everbridge has supported us by monitoring for potential threats and events and providing immediate, proactive situational awareness, potentially before the direct impact is felt or the first news reports are released.”

-Christopher Horne, Assistant VP, Business Continuity Management and Corporate Security, CIBC Mellon

Proactive Threat Monitoring and Critical Response | CIBC Melllon

2. “The main thing I want to emphasize is how easy the system is to use. A lot of software platforms have a very high learning curve and there’s extensive lead time before people can truly use the system effectively. With Everbridge, within an hour or two, someone can master the system.”

-James Green, Business Continuity Program Manager, PSCU

Employee Safety and Awareness | PSCU

3. “The Everbridge brand is trusted. The beauty of IT Alerting is having a consistent, predictable, repeatable process with timely and relevant communications. And Everbridge facilitates every single piece of that.”

-Mark Hydar, Head of Development Operations, MediaFirst Unit, Ericsson

IT Alerting and Customer Communications | Ericsson

4. “Implementing Everbridge has been a huge win, both internally and at the corporate level, because our customers recognize the value of using a secure, reliable customer communications solution to notify them when critical incidents occur.”

-Mark Vaillancourt, Director of Command Center Operations, Digital Realty

Critical Customer Communications | Digital Realty

5. “One of the best things I like about Everbridge is incorporating the things you wouldn’t normally think of for communication, kind of leveraging the Internet of Things. If it’s connected in some way, you could leverage it, either to get a critical message out or to receive a message.”

-Brian Phillips, Senior Manager of Global Security, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Global Security and IoT Connected Devices | Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

6. “While most Sony employees already were on the Everbridge emergency notification system, workers recruited the rest to sign up. If he had to do it again, Lynton said he would have made it mandatory to already be on it.”

-Michael Lynton, CEO of Sony Pictures

Sony’s Computer Network Is Still Down

7. “Although it had developed its own IoT management platform, which it still supports, earlier this year [Federal Signal] opted to partner with Everbridge, a provider of unified critical communication and notification solutions. It is utilizing the Everbridge platform to deliver real-time contextual communications to Federal Signal’s audible and visual devices during critical events. ‘We had our own product that competed with them, but Everbridge was absolutely beating us in the market,” Brady says. “So we’ve made them basically the communications platform for activation, deactivation, remote monitoring for all our outdoor and indoor warning devices.’”

-Matt Brady, VP & GM of the Integrated Systems Division of the Safety and Security Group, Federal Signal

Competing and Partnering in IoT Market’s Early Days

8. “Patrick Alcantara, Research Associate at the BCI and author of the report, commented: ‘Reliable emergency communications saves lives and demonstrates how organizations approach their duty of care to their employees, customers and stakeholders. The survey results affirm that many organizations take this duty seriously and offer opportunities for further improvement. We thank Everbridge for supporting this study and sharing our goal of producing top-quality research that impacts practice.’

-Patrick Alcantara, Research Associate, BCI

From the Business Continutiy Institute: Communicating in a Crisis (Emergency Communications Report 2015)

9. “Automated IT communications, alerting and escalation [systems] play an important role in restoring services faster by connecting the right on-call people with the right information. Having the right critical communications [system] in place also enables IT departments to immediately alert the “need to know” people, including the CIO—and sometimes the customers—via text, phone, email, etc., and ensure the necessary next steps are taken quickly and efficiently to mitigate the issues.”

-Vincent Geffray, Director, Product Marketing Everbridge

Step 1 in IT Incident Resolution: Make Sure the Right People Know about the Problem

10. “CIOs have a responsibility to ensure that IT incident communication is a fluid process that resolves problems in the most efficient way possible. There’s been plenty of conjecture on why CIOs need to step up their visibility in the C-suite and get more hands-on with business strategy, but they must first be sure someone is there to answer a call when a tech issue is either preventing a worker from completing a task or a customer from completing a purchase.”

When CIOs Have a Failure to Communicate

CIO Insight

2015 was a great year for Everbridge corporate contributors and with 2016 just around the corner, we look forward to hearing more positive feedback next year.  If you’re interested in learning more about how we help, here are some of the best materials we feel we have produced over the year, too:

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