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Designing business continuity training exercises

business continuity training exercises

Business continuity training exercises are a key aspect of any organization’s business continuity program. Exercises allow organizations to fine tune the actions necessary to ensure you can keep your employees safe and your business running. In her recent white paper, “Designing Training Exercises: Best Practices & Tips,” Regina Phelps outlines steps your organization can take to run successful business continuity training exercises.

Business Continuity Training Exercises: Your “Golden Opportunity”

  One benefit Ms. Phelps outlines in her white paper is the fact that exercising your programs provides a good opportunity to “promote your program, educate your teams, validate your plans and engage your senior leadership.” In fact, she goes as far to say that developing and conducting business continuity training exercises is one of the most important aspects of your job.

Three Key Concepts in Business Continuity Training Exercise Design

  1. Decide what you are exercising
  2. Clarify terminology
  3. Craft the exercise plan

After-Action Reports

  Lastly, Ms. Phelps highlights the importance of after-action reports at the conclusion of business continuity training exercises. At this point, she notes that you have a great opportunity to influence the behavior and enhance your program. It is critical that this happens shortly after the conclusion of the exercise so it is fresh on the minds of participants. To learn more, download the full white paper “Designing Training Exercises: Best Practices & Tips.”

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