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Mobile telemedicine: Improving efficiency, satisfaction and patient outcomes

Recently, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ranya Habash, sat down to discuss the important role that HIPAA-compliant messaging and telemedicine can play in  efficiently keeping staff and patients connected, while improving the delivery of care without violating privacy rules.


At Dr. Habash’s practice, telemedicine is enabled by HipaaChat, and in the below video she discusses how the application is used to deliver HIPAA-compliant video and text messages, as well as to share photos, lab results and other information with colleauges and patients. 


The full video, “Mobile Telemedicine: Improving Efficiency, Satisfaction, and Patient Outcomes,” is below, but here is a sneak peak at some of Dr. Habash’s insights:


 Q: What is Telemedicine?


A: “Telemedicine is the ability to fully communicate and treat a patient through text and video. It’s communication between colleagues and also between doctors and their patients. This is the new age of medicine.”


“I use HipaaChat for telemedicine consults as well as everyday communication with my colleagues about our mutual patients. We use HipaaChat to text, send pics, and do video calls with each other and also with our patients.”

Q: What are some of the distinct benefits of telemedicine? 

“The benefits of telemedicine are countless. We can keep our patients healthier and keep their hospital admission rates and readmission rates down.”


Watch the full video here:


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