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Nixle in action: Missing child found in LA County

There’s not many scenarios that will give you more anxiety as a parent than realizing that your child has gone missing. Unfortunately, this nightmare scenario became all too real for two parents in LA County on June 2nd when their 9 year-old boy went missing for a number of hours. Thankfully, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was able to save the day using Nixle.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department searched for a number of hours, both in the air and on land for the missing boy. They decided to get local citizens involved in the search, and sent out a Nixle message to users in the area via text and email. A local resident saw the Nixle alert and realized that they had recently seen the boy in the parking lot of a nearby store. The caring citizen quickly alerted the authorities and shared the boy’s whereabouts. Authorities raced over and picked the boy up, thankfully completely unharmed. It turned out that the missing boy had decided to go for a long walk around the neighborhood without advising anyone.

Nixle In Action Child Found In LA County

This is just one example among scores of others that shows the effectiveness of authorities using Nixle to track down missing persons. Nixle allows authorities to turn citizens into eyes on the ground, saving them hours of searching and greatly increasing their chances of finding the missing person. To learn more about Nixle, visit the website by clicking here

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