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Nixle in action: Trinity hospital transfers patients using keyword messaging


Public safety agencies have countless responsibilities, but keeping residents safe and informed is high on their list. When it comes to special events, many organizations from both the public and private sector are choosing to target messages directly to event attendees using keyword messaging. By creating a custom group using a keyword, residents can opt-in to receive specific messages directly from local public safety.


When Alabama’s Trinity Medical center decided to transfer 97 patients to a new facility, local public safety needed to step in and make sure this process ran smoothly. Planning took over a year and more than 18 local and state agencies were involved in the patient transport. [1] To make the transfer successful, a communication system was needed to coordinate the patient transports in real-time. A key deciding factor when choosing a communication method is to ensure that the system is easy to adopt and use by all participating parties.


In addition to partnering with Everbridge for training, Nixle was used to create the keyword “Grandview” so residents could opt in to receive specific messages regarding the move (by texting the keyword to 888777). Coordinators were then able to send messages directly to the members of the Grandview keyword group regarding details of the transfer, such as when ambulances were departing the hospital. They were able to secure over 700 opt ins through the custom keyword. [2]


Getting residents to receive messages through the custom opt in group was critical to the patient move because the ambulances transporting the patients would be traveling on a main highway. When each of the ambulances reached a main intersection, a Nixle notification was sent out to the Birmingham police stationed at that crossing who would then stop traffic to let the ambulance through. [3]


One of the main learning points from this operation is that close and timely communication but all parties involved was paramount in the success of the transfer. All parties including the public, hospital employees, media, police and fire got the notifications as quickly as possible. Using the keyword group opt-in functionality of Nixle made communications run smoothly and kept everyone informed.


For event managers, whether in the public and private sector, the ability to effectively share information with attendees, stakeholders and local residents is critical. In this whitepaper, Keyword is the New Hashtag: Improving Event Management with Effective Communication, you will discover how organizations can reduce communication gaps and ensure information is shared effectively.






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