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Customer Story

Improving business continuity with Everbridge | Stockley Park case study

Stockley Park occupies 150 acres with 25 buildings, accommodating over 165,000 sq meters of high quality office space, and provides Stockley Park Estate Management LTD (SPEML) with constant challenges, particularly from a business continuity and security perspective. With such a large industrial complex and so many tenants to monitor and maintain, it was crucial SPEML had a means of efficiently and reliably communicating with those tenants with both everyday and emergency notifications to promote business continuity.

Case Study Problem

During one of the quarterly security forums, held in collaboration with tenants, the need for a notification solution was acknowledged. The organization also needed to be able to communicate to its geographically-dispersed employees and tenants quickly and efficiently, regardless of any business disruptions that may occur. Given the increasing number of threats to business continuity, SPEML needed an effective, user-friendly unified critical communication system to send important messages to key stakeholders during critical events.

Case Study Solution For Improving Business Continuity

SPEML selected Everbridge’s Unified Critical Communication Platform to support its business continuity initiatives and improve critical communication planning, threat monitoring and response. Using Everbridge, SPEML can instantly deliver emergency and operational messages to and from employees and tenants on the Park, across all devices and office sites. In addition, SPEML can use the system for post-communication analysis and auto-feed capabilities, to help maintain data integrity to ensure that the right messages get to the right people every time.







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