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Improving county communication with Everbridge | Tulare County case study

Tulare County, California has a population of more than 450,000 residents and eight incorporated cities. Tulare is the second-leading producer of agricultural commodities in the United States. The Eastern half of the County is comprised primarily of public lands, including Sequoia and Kings National Parks. These parks attract well over a million visitors a year. Tulare County consists of a number of different towns, which means the county needed an efficient way to coordinate communication among a number of different departments throughout multiple jurisdictions. Similarly, city officials also required a channel to contact residents to disseminate critical information in the event of emergencies, streamlining all of their county communication.

Case Study Problem

Tulare County needed to enable departments, cities, agencies, and organizations in the county to send operational, incident, and emergency messages to residents and staff in order to streamline county communication efforts. Spanning a number of jurisdictions meant that there had to be an efficient way to coordinate multiple departments from multiple locations to respond to emergencies. There also had to be a way to control access settings so departments wouldn’t contact residents or responders in locations outside their jurisdiction or role.

Case Study Solution For Improving County Communication Methods

Tulare County uses Everbridge to notify staff, first responders, and citizens of incidents, events, emergencies, and other important information. An opt-in portal allows citizens to register contact information and select what types of alerts they would like to receive. The Everbridge platform allows Tulare County to host all of their county communication efforts on one secure, mobile system.







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