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Customer Story

Improving customer experience management with Everbridge | Digital Realty case study

Digital Realty is a trusted data center solution provider for many of the world’s leading enterprises. With more than 100 properties in 30 markets throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, Digital Realty has data centers located where customers need them — today and in the future. Digital Realty can optimize customer experience management in the event of an outage by using a mass notification system.

“Everbridge has been a huge win, both internally and at the corporate level, because our customers recognize the value of using a secure, reliable customer communications solution to notify them when critical incidents occur”

-Mark Vaillancourt, Director of Command Center Operations

Case Study Problem

Digital Realty needed a critical customer communications system that would allow time sensitive messages to be sent out quickly and easily to data center customers in the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific. Customer experience management became difficult during outages without a secure, reliable communication method across multiple contact paths.

Case Study Solution For Improved Customer Experience Management

Everbridge provides Digital Realty with a flexible, easy to-use solution that can be quickly scaled as properties and customers are added around the world. The solution enables Digital Realty’s Operations Command Center’ customer service management to immediately notify their customers of physical infrastructure or plant issues. The use of this reliable, resilient communication tool is just another reason that customers trust Digital Realty to maintain their data centers.







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