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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders
Customer Story

Improving emergency preparedness and communications with Everbridge | Bartholomew County case study

Bartholomew County is one of 92 counties in the state of Indiana. The county covers roughly 409 square miles and lies mostly in the level areas surrounding the East Fork of the White River and its tributaries. Agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism make up the majority of the county’s economy. Over 76,000 people call Bartholomew County home and it ranks as the 20th most populous county in the state. Severe weather incidents are common in the county, simplifying emergency preparedness and communications with residents vital in order to keep citizens safe and informed.

Case Study Problem

Bartholomew County is susceptible to natural, technological and human-made disasters ranging from tornadoes and severe weather incidents, to missing children cases and everyday emergencies. The public safety department required a more functional solution to enable them to disseminate critical information to key stakeholders and residents efficiently and at a moment’s notice. Emergency preparedness and communications become far more difficult to manage without a unified notification system that residents can easily opt-in to.

Case Study Solution For Emergency Preparedness and Communications

With Everbridge, Bartholomew County is able to communicate to various county departments, cities, nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations and residents. The platform can instantly send notifications to multiple contact paths, based off of their geocoded locations as well as pre-configured groups. The County has also had success using Everbridge to proactively alert and inform residents during severe weather and tornado season, significantly streamlining emergency preparedness and communications initiatives.







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