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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

Federal employee safety: New strategies to fulfill duty of care

Each Federal agency has specific challenges in regard to employee safety. The Department of Defense has to protect employees in 17,000 off-base facilities. Customs and Border Protection has lone employees working in remote areas. Department of State employees travel internationally to areas of potential instability. Whatever your agency’s challenges are, you can take advantage of new techniques and technologies to assess threats, locate resources, and act.

Join us for Federal Employee Safety: New Strategies to Fulfill Duty of Care to address some of the most difficult issues in Federal Employee Safety:

  • How do you maintain situational awareness across multiple locations?
  • How can lone workers maintain communications when incidents happen in the field?
  • How can you warn traveling employees of threats to their location and aid them when needed?

This webinar is presented by Tracy Reinhold, Vice President/Chief Security Officer at Everbridge and 22-year veteran of the FBI, rising to the rank of Associate Executive Assistant Director for National Security.

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