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Customer Story

Improving first response security and Emergency response with Everbridge | Team Rubicon case study

Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. Launched in January 2010, Team Rubicon reaches victims where traditional aid organizations can’t venture. Team Rubicon has impacted thousands of lives overseas – in Haiti, Chile, Burma, Pakistan, and Sudan – and in the U.S. With so many volunteers spread across the globe, especially those deployed to remote locations, it was crucial for Team Rubicon to have a reliable critical communication platform for first response security and emergency response efforts.

Case Study Problem

Team Rubicon needed to quickly and easily communicate with volunteers, send critical information, and request feedback about resource availability or mission status.  The solution needed to be unified and utilize multiple contact paths so volunteers could always be reached, even without internet or cellular access. First response security and emergency response are the principles Team Rubicon are built on, so they needed a communication platform that enabled these capabilities.

Case Study Solution For First Response Security and Emergency Response

Everbridge enables Team Rubicon to send first response security and emergency response targeted messages to volunteers with required skill sets, and engage in two-way conversations with mission teams on the scene. Previously, Team Rubicon relied on labor-intensive call lists and emailing to contact volunteers, which was time consuming. Everbridge allows them to send one unified message to all of their volunteers, and the volunteers can send read receipts in response so Team Rubicon can be assured their volunteers are safe and informed.







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