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Improving hospital transfers with Everbridge Nixle | Jefferson county case study

Trinity Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama had the daunting task of moving its entire patient population to the new, modern Grandview Medical Center. In order to maintain medical care standards during hospital transfers, each patient needed to be transported by ambulance from the old facility to the new as quickly and efficiently as possible. This was quite the undertaking considering ambulances would travel down U.S. highway 280, one of the biggest and busiest corridors in Alabama.

Among the takeaways from the move was that close cooperation between agencies is key. According to JCEM director, Jim Coker, “We had very close communications with the hospital staff from day one.” The constant use of Nixle’s notification services also kept everyone, including members of the surrounding community, updated in real time. The agency was “able to rapidly get over 700 opt-ins in just a few days. It caught a lot of people’s attention.”

Case Study Problem

The Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency (JCEM), charged with coordinating this and all future hospital transfers across 18 agencies, needed a way to communicate with residents, hospital personnel and other agencies involved in the move. JCEM hoped that providing real-time, informative notifications would help ensure a smooth transition.

Case Study Solution for Improving Hospital Transfers

The JCEM selected Nixle Community Engagement from Everbridge to provide real-time alerts and notifications throughout the patient transfer process. The agency leveraged the keyword functionality and encouraged the public to text “Grandview” to 888777 in order to receive messages regarding hospital transfers. With help from Everbridge Nixle, a year of planning and cooperation from the public, 97 patients who could not be discharged were transferred to the new facility in less than 6 hours.







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