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Customer Story

Improving mass communication with Everbridge | National Capital Region case study

The National Capital Region (NCR) is a collection of sovereign jurisdictions, including cities and counties with Maryland, DC and Virginia. The region is responsible for promoting a secure environment for over five million residents, federal, state and local organizations, in one of the most crucial government regions of the nation. Given the size and political scope of the National Capital Region, local officials need to be able to leverage mass communication platforms in order to reach out to residents as well as visitors from out-of-state both for emergencies and for everyday incidents.

Case Study Problem

The National Capital Region needed an easy-to-use, updated critical mass communication solution with the ability to enable jurisdictions to send operational, incident, and emergency messages to residents and the community at large. In the event of an emergency, there had to be reliable and unified messaging solution so officials could disseminate alerts and instructions to prevent confusion.

Case Study Solution For Mass Communication Needs

With Everbridge, jurisdictions within The National Capital Region are able to communicate securely and effectively to their resident-base during both emergencies and non-emergency events. The solution enables the NCR to engage residents through multiple contact paths based off of their geo-coded locations. Everbridge is also a unified critical communications platform, so all agencies within the region, regardless of their state, can leverage Everbridge for their mass communication needs.







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