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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

Preparing for an active assailant: Exercise design series

You have heard of “active shooter,” this series will focus on an “active assailant,” which is a person (or group of persons) actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill or cause serious bodily injury to a person or group of persons. The weapon could be a gun or it could be something else, such as a knife, explosive device, or a car. The key difference between “active shooter” and “active assailant” is that the weapon is not specified. As threats continue to expand, the “active assailant” term is perhaps more accurate and more appropriate. Is your organization concerned about an active assailant scenario? One of the best ways to see if you are ready for such an event is to conduct an active assailant exercise. This webinar is part one of a two-part series:

  • Part One: Everything you need to know to design an active assailant exercise.
  • Part Two: Participate in a 50-minute online active assailant exercise. – LIVE on June 12th at 1 PM ET

Part One – Exercise Design The goal of this presentation is to review the key design aspects, and then demonstrate the value of conducting an active assailant exercise to improve a company’s overall readiness and resiliency. Topics covered:

  • Exercise plan
  • Exercise Design Team and process
  • Communication tools and messaging

The presentation will describe how to go about designing this type of exercise, why it is different from other exercises, and how to exercise communications to key stakeholders.


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