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Prepare for emerging threats in 2024: Strategies for enabling business continuity

Customer perspective: Sanofi

Bhavesh Patel, Sr. Director, Security Operations & Technology for Sanofi explains how his global security organization strategically leverages Everbridge to unlock value beyond emergency notification. Sanofi’s global security team has operationalized the platform to improve different processes that benefit from efficient and automated communications. For example, by leveraging Everbridge to automate safety checks on their security officers, the team has been able to “reduce over 80,000 phones per year from (their) manual processes.”

Sanofi also leverages Safety Connection to aggregate employee location data from access control and travel management systems. “I think the dynamic location area is one of the best features of Everbridge….you have a clear understanding of the customer or your employee, whether they are going to be at a location, where they are today, or where they will be tomorrow.”

Sanofi Customer Perspective
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