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Customer Story

Improving utility communications with Everbridge | Park Water Company case study

Park Water Company (PWC) is an investor-owned, public water utility company that serves a population of approximately 200,000 people in California and Montana. PWC delivers water to roughly 65,000 service connections through a distribution system of over 800 miles of pipeline. Like all utility companies, PWC has a close relationship with the customers it supplies water to. Efficient utility communications would allow PWC to efficiently alert and inform any customers and stakeholders who may be affected by emergency incidents or routine processes.

Case Study Problem

Park Water Company needed a high capacity communications system to notify thousands of customers in minutes during emergencies and for routine utility operations. Severe weather that damages PWC equipment is common, making effective and geographically notifications and utility communications essential for PWC. PWC was using laborious and out-of-date methods for notifying customers and key stakeholders which restricted PWC employees from being able to focus all of their attention to fixing the problem at hand.

Case Study Solution For Utility Communications

Everbridge provides geographically targeted notifications that enable Park Water Company to send utility communications such as public safety alerts and maintenance notices to customers and key stakeholders in affected areas. Whether it is damaged equipment or routine processes like flushing, PWC is able to leverage Everbridge to notify customers of the situation at hand and provide them with proper instructions to reduce confusion.






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