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Prepare for emerging threats in 2024: Strategies for enabling business continuity

Customer Stories

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Bringing acute inpatient care home with well-coordinated, accurate communication

Learn how a Home Hospital pilot study conducted by researchers at Brigham & Women’s Hospital drastically reduced hospital costs while improving patient outcomes.

Webinar: How one home hospital program reduced costs by 52%

Dr. David Levine, MD, MA from Brigham & Women’s Hospital leads an in-depth discussion on the concept of “home hospital.”

Public officials utilize Everbridge for major incident management

Learn how the State of Florida used Everbridge to manage residents and resources during Hurricane Irma.

Customer testimonial: The metropolitan district

The Metropolitan District, a regional water and sewer authority in Connecticut, leverages Everbridge to facilitate communications within its incident command center.

Interview with a security expert – Mark Terry, Rackspace

Rackspace uses Everbridge, integrated with InternationalSOS, NC4 and other systems, to launch immediate notifications to travelers and mobile employees.

Interview with an expert – Walter English, Fairfax, Virginia

Over the past four years, the city has leveraged the Everbridge system to provide residents with "one voice" to communicate emergency and community notifications.

Interview with an expert – Jeff Fletcher, Loudoun County, Virginia

Everbridge has risen to the challenge of meeting the demands of a more mobie-centric populace that desires immediate, helpful community, weather and critical event information.

Sanofi Customer Perspective

Customer perspective: Sanofi

Sr. Dir., Security Operations & Technology at Sanofi explains how his global security organization strategically leverages Everbridge to unlock value beyond emergency notifications

Improving control center operations And emergency response with Everbridge | Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority case study

Serving 15 Silicon Valley cities and major high-tech companies like eBay, Google, Cisco, Yahoo, and Adobe, Santa Clara Valley Transportation…

Improving disaster response with Everbridge | U.S. Coast Guard case study

The overarching mission of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is to contribute to the safety and security of citizens, ports,…

Kansas City International Airport

More Than 10 million passengers pass through KCI each year. The Federal Aviation Administration forecasts U.S. passenger growth of 3.5%…

City of Glendale

On August 4, 2009, a brush fire broke out along the Los Angeles border, threatening hillside homes, snarling freeway traffic,…

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