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CMS Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness: Is Your Health System CMS Ready?

In critical situations, make seconds matter by reaching the right people, at the right time with the right information. For years, emergency preparedness for hospitals and healthcare systems was handled primarily through certification with The Joint Commission. A review from Drexel University found that if you are Joint Commission certified you only meet about 35% of the new CMS Emergency Preparedness Guidelines.

Be Prepared for the Worst-Case Scenario

93 percent of doctors say their emergency departments are not “fully prepared” in the event of a mass-casualty incident, according to a new poll. Do you feel prepared? Listen to emergency preparedness experts at top hospitals as they share best practices for preparing and responding to a mass casualty incident.

Learn Six Steps to CMS Readiness

Don’t let an incident make a greater impact than your response. Learn how you can achieve CMS compliance and ensure you’re ready to respond, no matter what the situation.

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