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Prepare for emerging threats in 2024: Strategies for enabling business continuity

Brandon Alberd, Public Safety Notifications Coordinator for the state of Texas Department of Public Safety, offers fascinating insight into DPS’s journey of incorporating Everbridge into their emergency communication strategies. From the initial stages of implementation to the seamless integration of Everbridge into their notification system, Brandon shares his firsthand experience of how the platform has transformed their approach to ensuring public safety and awareness during critical events.

Texas Public Safety

Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV), now part of the MSC Group, is one of the world’s leading shipping companies operating in cabotage and passenger transport. As part of a strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing public safety and operational efficiency, GNV deployed the Everbridge mass notification suite into GNV’s Maritime Support Center. This implementation positions GNV at the forefront of maritime safety, leveraging the cutting-edge Everbridge technology to ensure swift and effective response during critical events.

Gnv Video

The Everbridge Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC) analyzes thousands of trustworthy, vetted, and hyper-local data sources – across over 100 risk categories – using machine-learning and AI technology, complemented by an experienced team of global risk analysts.

The RIMC team’s real-time alerting streamlines your organization’s ability to monitor and analyze worldwide incidents and events, dramatically increasing your ability to respond to risks that threaten your people, organization, supply chain, and more.


There are billions of people online right now. Among that noise is information that could be vital to your organization’s safety and security. Everbridge Signal will help you find relevant information using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Detect incidents in real-time by gathering data from public sources including the dark web, deep web and social media. Whether your issues are cyber or physical, Signal can help.


Everbridge hosted Coronavirus: the Road to Recovery on May 20 and 21, 2020.

This virtual symposium brought together business, healthcare, and government leaders to discuss best practices of return to work and was designed to help organizations around the world chart a path forward.


Everbridge CEO David Meredith joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq #TradeTalks​ to discuss managing public safety emergencies and the Autumn 2020 “COVID-19 R2R: The Road to Recovery” virtual summit taking place October 14-15.


Everbridge’s CareConverge speeds diagnosis and care, enabling time and resource-constrained providers to manage capacity and deliver quality patient care in less time, while exceeding healthcare compliance standards and patient satisfaction. Whether responding to a daily, non-emergent clinical case or a high-acuity clinical case, collaboration across the health system is seamless, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant.


Everbridge Insights Series: John Maeda, Chief Customer Experience Officer, and Daniel Bloodworth, Director Emerging Technologies, discuss insights on security technology and user experience.

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