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Everbridge Launches HipaaChat Mobile Messaging App for Healthcare Professionals

GLENDALE, CA, January 15, 2015Everbridge, the worldwide leader in unified critical communications, today announced the launch of HipaaChat™, a secure text messaging and video conferencing application uniquely designed for healthcare professionals. HipaaChat, unlike standard text messaging (SMS), FaceTime™ or Skype™, is fully HIPAA-compliant. This solution enables physicians, nurses and other professionals to share protected health information (PHI) without the need for inefficient communication channels (e.g. pagers and waiting on hold) or fear of non-compliance with privacy safeguards, such as HIPAA and HITECH.


Although healthcare professionals increasingly prefer to use smart phones and mobile applications to communicate with their peers and patients, compliance concerns, such as HIPAA, limit their ability to do so. HipaaChat solves this dilemma by enabling compliant and secure mobile communications on a healthcare professionals’ preferred device, ensuring the delivery of effective and efficient patient care. HipaaChat is the only HIPAA-compliant mobile messaging solution that offers video calling that meets telemedicine requirements.


“Simply put, HipaaChat allows us to text, video chat and collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals using their preferred mobile devices—without violating any privacy or security mandates,” said Ronaldo Montmann, Vice President of Information Technology, at Broward Health. “Finally, we can give our doctors something they’re delighted to use, while meeting our strict regulatory guidelines. This is the simplest, most popular and efficient communications tool we’ve ever had the pleasure of offering.”


Everbridge has appointed Dr. Ranya Habash, past President-Elect and Board Member of the Florida Society of Ophthalmology, as the company’s Chief Medical Officer, in charge of overseeing the strategic development of HipaaChat. Everbridge will leverage Dr. Habash’s clinical expertise and perspective to ensure that HipaaChat continues to evolve to meet the growing demands of doctors, nurses, hospitals and healthcare systems at large.


“Every day I see doctors violating HIPAA policies because we’re so focused on quality patient care and efficiency. So, it’s ideal that we now have HipaaChat,” said Dr. Habash. “I am excited to join Everbridge to build awareness of secure text messaging and telemedicine video consultations while helping professionals see the benefits of HipaaChat for critical and routine clinical communications.”


HipaaChat is integrated in the Everbridge Unified Critical Communications Platform and available to doctors and healthcare organizations as a mobile app for the iOS™ and Android™ platforms.The solution is enterprise-class, mobile device management (MDM) ready, with best in class security architecture, encryption and an IT admin dashboard. The application can also be integrated with existing electronic health record (EHR) systems, and provides enterprise-level archiving, data retention, auditing and monitoring capabilities.


In addition to reducing the risk of non-compliant HIPAA violations, organizations will deploy HipaaChat to improve patient care and increase productivity, while helping hospitals meet their CMS Core Measures. HipaaChat has been shown to decrease ED throughput time and reduce readmission rates due to efficiency of communication and easier follow-up care for patients.


“Unlike traditional messaging solutions, HipaaChat is a mobile application that not only balances ease of use with strict compliance and security requirements, but also leverages the Everbridge critical communications infrastructure to ensure delivery and communications effectiveness across the organization,” said Imad Mouline, CTO of Everbridge. “This is just the first in a series of innovative new mobile solutions from Everbridge that will empower organizations of all types to securely communicate with internal and external stakeholders.”


HipaaChat is currently available for download on the iOS™ (App Store™) and Android™ (Google Play™) platforms. For more information on HipaaChat, please visit

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