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Community Engagement

Connect with Your Community and Visitors

Improve Community Opt-in Engagement

Easy opt-in improves your reach and simplifies sending notifications to visitors about a special event, traffic updates to residents or critical alerts to your employees as they commute to work. When seconds matter, notify visitors, residents and employees over multiple communication paths, including voice, SMS, email and social media.

Connect Quickly

Connect over social, mobile and traditional channels with residents.

  • Easy Resident Opt-In
  • One-Click Social Publishing
  • Complete Focus for State and Local Government
  • Visitor Engagement

Easy Resident Opt-In

Build a Comprehensive Resident Database Without Relying on Landlines.

Today, most people rely on their mobile phone as their primary contact device. Just using 911 and White page data are no longer enough. Emergency Managers need to increase opt-ins to be able to reach all residents–especially during a public safety threat. Community Engagement® features multiple opt-in methods to provide residents, visitors, employees and other community members with the ability to easily sign-up for alerts.

Key Features

Keyword Opt-ins

Text event-based keywords to follow sporting events, festivals, concerts and convention information

Website Opt-in

Add a widget to your website or opt-in page and let people provide their contact information.

Anonymous Zip Code Opt-ins

Text your zip code to 888777 for mobile updates

ContactBridge Mobile App Opt-in

Download the ContactBridge mobile app and receive information via push notification

Skip Multiple Interfaces

Publish All Your Outlets at Once

Community Engagement® is optimized for use on tablets or mobile devices and facilitates seamless posting of multimedia via one click. Publish and distribute enterprise and community notifications at scale, with the push of a button.

Reach residents, employees, visitors, and contractors via:

High-level notifications appear at the top of Google search results through our unique partnership with Google Public Alerts.

Improving Event Management

City of Philadelphia Case Study

“Pope Francis’ historic visit to Philadelphia, the Community Engagement® platform was successful in helping us obtain many resident and visitor opt-ins in a very short amount of time. We were able to generate over 11k opt-in’s in just a few days—by comparison, it took almost 8 years for us to amass 15k Twitter followers! Clearly, this is a powerful and highly visible tool that helps us reach citizens quickly and effectively.”
– Office of Emergency Management, City of Philadelphia

Customer Testimonials

Community Opt-in

“Social media is another way that Anchorage PD connects and builds relationships with the residents of the community. Nixle Community Engagement® integrates with our department Facebook and Twitter accounts which makes it easy to publish a message to social media.”

Jennifer Castro, Communications Director, Anchorage Police Department

Community Policing

“With Community Engagement®, the San Angelo Police department is able to communicate directly to community members instantaneously through multiple contact paths. The police department has also had success with Everbridge Tip Watch, an anonymous tipping solution that encourages residents to speak up and engage in the fight against crime in their city.”

– Tracy Gonzalez, Public Information Officer, San Angelo Police Department

Protecting Protesters

“With March For Our Lives demonstrators coming to DC from all around the country, we needed a way to quickly reach everyone in the case of an emergency. Using an event keyword made it easy for attendees to sign up. The ability to push notifications directly to thousands of mobile phones allowed us to send important event, safety, and transit information before, during, and after the rally.”

Dr. Chris Rodriguez,  Director, DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency

Visitor Engagement

Visitor Engagement provides an easy way to extend your crisis and operational communications to include facility visitors, contractors, healthcare patients, and third-party workers so that they can easily opt-in to receive important news, safety information and more. Simply create 

Now it is easier than ever to expand your emergency planning and communications to include part-time employees, contractors or visitors.

Improving Employee Protection and Life Safety

Pratt & Whitney Case Study

“The system can allow you to be notified in a very quick fashion, very precise and to the point. You have to remember that there’s multiple ways that you can be notified with this system. We can do it by a simple cellphone where you’d get a text message across. It can be done by your email. You can even come across your phone as a verbal message.”

– Renee Welsh, Director of Facilities and Security, Pratt & Whitney


The Four P’s of Effective Community Engagement

Learn how to enhance your agency’s connection with the organizations and residents in your municipality. This paper provides simple and useful guidelines and introduces key concepts and action steps for engagement.

Data Sheet: Community Engagement

Community Engagement® enables you to leverage day to day community connections to expand your outreach by growing your opt-ins, publishing to social media and engaging in a two-way conversation with your constituents.

Data Sheet: Visitor Engagement

 Visitor Engagement helps easily grow a contact database using keyword opt-in, while maintaining complete control over authoring and publishing messages directly to your stakeholders via social media and other contact paths. 

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