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Everbridge mobile applications

For today’s mobile, on-the-go world

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One-way messaging is a thing of the past

One Mobile App for residents and employees

Organizations need the ability to have a two-way conversation with mobile recipients and leverage these contacts to provide the eyes and ears on the scene as a situation develops. The Everbridge Mobile App allows organizations to request information through polling and allows residents or employees to submit on-the-scene reports including pictures, video and text descriptions, all through the convenience of their mobile phone.

One Mobile App for critical event managers

Chances are when an emergency occurs, some of the crisis responders will not be at their desk or may even be asleep. Everbridge ManageBridge brings the same set of rich features available to Mass Notification, Safety Connection and IT Alerting administrators who frequently use smartphones and tablets. The free, native mobile application is available to Everbridge clients, providing them with more control than ever before over their critical event response.

Key features

Both the Everbridge Mobile Application and ManageBridge are designed to reliably work under adverse network conditions, for example, when bandwidth or connectivity is limited. Available for iOS and Android devices. 

Benefits for residents and employees

  • See Something…Say Something – Be the eyes and ears of your community and share geo-location information, pictures free-form text as a situation develops.
  • Opt-in immediately and anonymously
  • Receive a push alerts from authorized public safety agencies for high-priority messages sent while in a geo-fenced area
  • View Nixle safety alerts on a map and filter alerts based on time, priority and source
  • Full control over privacy settings to decide what info is shared and when

Benefits for critical event managers

  • Customize notifications on the fly or use existing templates
  • Select which individuals, groups, rules or a GIS shapes to include
  • Open new incidents and automatically notify responders
  • Monitor critical event response with reports and logs
  • Record a voice message and immediately send it
  • Attach an image from your smartphone or tablet to include with your notification
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Premium mobile capabilities

In addition to the Everbridge Mobile Application features above, the application supports several premium features including:

  • Management of on-call schedules 
  • Keyword-based opt-in 
  • Crisis and incident response tracking 
  • HIPAA and FISMA compliant secure text, video, and file sharing 
  • 3-in-1 Panic Button allows authorized users to send a panic message to the security team with their current location and automatically captured audio and video 
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