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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders
Customer Story

Improving storm and evacuation alerts with Everbridge | Nassau County case study

Nassau County is located in the northeast corner of Florida, along the Atlantic Ocean, and is known as the “Eastern Gateway to the Sunshine State.” The county has a population of about 74,000, and a local economy that includes agriculture, professional industries, and tourism. Nassau County encompasses 12 distinct topographical zones, including sandy beaches, scenic rivers, green pastures, and majestic timberlands. Nassau County consists mainly of an island with one route on or off the island, so county officials need to be extremely proactive and accurate with storm and evacuation alerts in the event of severe weather.

Case Study Problem

Given Nassau County’s unique location, the Emergency Management Department needed to quickly and easily reach staff and residents with up-to-date information on storm and evacuation alerts. Besides severe weather, county officials also mitigate a variety of more routine incidents on a daily basis that they needed to alert residents of in a simple and effective manner.

Case Study Solution For Improving Storm and Evacuation Alerts

Nassau chose Everbridge’s Unified Critical Communication Suite to connect with employees and citizens during incidents or events. Users are able to opt-in using a web-based portal, update and manage their personal information, and select which notifications they want to receive. Storm and evacuation alerts were the main concern, but officials can now use Everbridge to alert residents for a variety of emergency or routine incidents.







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