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Everbridge acquires Infinite Blue

This page is for testing the SFDC Chatbot on It’s not indexable or linked externally.

The chatbot client-side code is implemented in Google Tag Manager (GTM) in the Everbridge main container: (you will need GTM access to view).

This page will be removed/hidden once the bot is fully operational.

I (Cappy Popp will need a list of the final site pages on which this bot should live. Once I get it I’ll add that list to the page triggers in the GTM tag above so the bot will ONLY load on those pages.

Drift is still enabled on the site; however, I have code in the above GTM tag that finds and unloads it if present before loading the SFDC bot. Once (or if) we fully stop Drift, I’ll remove it for perf.

If you do any Pre-Chat setup I’ll need the code for that to hook the onEmbeddedMessagingReady event. For reference:

If you have any questions, please ask – I’m on Slack (and can join any Everbridge Slack channels using or via email.


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