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Risk Intelligence Trial

Please join us for a best practices session on IPAWS Fundamentals.

Please join us for an interactive customer-only webinar with the Everbridge Customer Success Team, who will review the basic process to send a Notification from Everbridge.

Skilled nursing and long-term care facilities are among the hardest hit by COVID-19, reporting a high rate of cases that have resulted in one-fifth of fatalities nationwide.

Read how these facilities are working to create a strong surveillance and response system while meeting new CMS reporting requirements in our new guide.

Critical events are typically times of heightened stress. But they don’t need to be times of turmoil. Using Everbridge’s Critical Event Management software you can gain better visibility, more management control, and reduce costs and disruptions.

In this brochure, learn how Everbridge’s Critical Event Management (CEM) software suite provides one cohesive platform for managing a full range of critical events.

DHR Health highlights the importance of coordinated communications on patient satisfaction, managing capacity, accelerating response for stroke and STEMI patients, and ensuring HIPAA-compliant document transfer.

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