Everbridge: The Leader in Unified Critical Communications

Our Story

Mobility, the rise of the anytime/anywhere workforce, and global unpredictability continue to converge at an unprecedented scale. Since 2001, Everbridge has been there for clients across all industries and government sectors, redefining the market for unified critical communications. During critical events, Everbridge removes global, regional, and technology barriers, enabling organizations to quickly communicate and collaborate with the right context.

The company’s inception in 2002 was no coincidence—our co-founders created Everbridge with a vision to help people communicate more effectively, following the tragic events of 9/11. The painful lessons learned during that day can easily be applied to other emergencies and critical events. Governments need to more effectively balance communication with response and action; hospitals, universities, and other public institutions need to bridge technology gaps to improve communication; and businesses have to deploy safeguards to keep their mobile, global workforce safe, secure, and productive.

Everbridge is now the leader in unified critical communications, with more than 2,500 clients around the world relying on us every day to be better prepared, to make better decisions, and to communicate and collaborate quickly and confidently during emergencies, operational incidents, and continuity events.

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A Network of Communications in Context

Our founders knew the importance of a “communications network” and understood that it was impossible to effectively communicate with individuals during emergencies by delivering important information via one device or method, like a phone or email. The Everbridge Unified Critical Communication Platform was designed to take communications one step further—replacing traditional, limited emergency notification solutions with a secure, actionable platform to unify multimodal, critical communications and increase situational intelligence for diverse industries.

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Resilient, cloud-based infrastructure

From day one we were dedicated to providing our customers with a cloud-based communications solution, so that is exactly what we did. Everbridge offers a level of security, performance, and availability unmatched in the industry. With the broadest global, SaaS-based infrastructure of any provider, our delivery capability of over two million messages per hour for critical communications enables us to provide true, enterprise-class critical communications support and delivery.

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Critical communications solutions designed for business, government and more…

Since our inception, Everbridge has focused on two primary areas of innovation: product excellence and delivering flexible, business application across multiple industries and use cases.

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A global, mobile vision for critical communications

We believe that in order to ensure successful critical communications you must target the individual, not the device. Now, more than ever, the lowering of global boundaries continues to shape the way that business is conducted and users consume information. Organizations of all types need to reach customers, employees, and other stakeholders at all times regardless of geographic location, local time, device type, or language. Consistent innovation led to the launch of Mass Notification—our platform to deliver the scale and resiliency necessary to support this global workforce. When organizations need to collaborate and communicate critical information to their global audiences, our “globally-local” infrastructure supports the delivery of messages, without failure or delay, across all communication modes worldwide.

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Unifying communications & improving situational intelligence

How do you prepare for unpredictable events in an unstable world?

Everbridge establishes extensive situational awareness with market-leading, resilient communication capabilities to ensure messages are delivered at a moment’s notice, and focused on the right people in context of their needs, roles, and location or destination. To help prepare for unpredictability, we integrate rules-based risk, weather, and social media feeds to help you identify threats or incidents to proactively prepare and deliver your communications to the people and assets at risk.

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Company Timeline

A brief history of the company that revolutionized mass notification & critical communciations