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Everbridge University

Helping Your Organization Build Resilience and Thrive

Equip Your Team with Everbridge Solutions and Best Practices

Everbridge University (EBU) and the Everbridge YouTube Channel provide a hub of over 250+ interactive self-service resources to prepare your team to be confident in their decisions using Everbridge. Available 24x7x365, Everbridge University offers role-based training and certifications that incorporate skills, concepts, and best practices to effectively leverage Everbridge solutions.

Build a Resilient Team

Prepare Your Team for Success with Everbridge 

Everbridge University offers online courses, product information, and best-practice webinars. With our online training option, your new and experienced team members can easily improve their skills.

Get Everbridge Certified

Confidence to Mitigate Risks, Take Action, and Restore Continuity

Demonstrate your ability to ensure business continuity, even when faced with unforeseen events. The foundation for Everbridge’s certification program relies on a proven methodology developed through 20 years of best practices in resilience and critical event management (CEM). Demonstrate credibility to handle incidents and have confidence in knowing how to assess risk, act rapidly and optimize a plan for protection and recovery of valuable assets.

Join the Team of the 3,000+ Everbridge Certified Professionals!

Why Get Certified?

Your Business’ Success Depends on Your Team

Ensure that your team knows how to use Everbridge to keep your people safe and revenue flowing.

Mass Notification Sender

Have confidence to create, send, and monitor critical event notifications. Mass Notification Senders ensure that the right information is sent to the right people at the right time by tailoring the content, audiences, and methods for each specific incident notifications.

IT Alerting Administrator

Facilitate the flow of information in tracked incidents, identify trends, and gain insight through the IT Alerting graphs. Modify and maintain incidents, variables, and templates and understand how to fine-tune methods by which incidents are routed.

IT Alerting Operator

Create and maintain communication plans by using variables, reusable templates, and scenarios. Tailor your organization’s response plan to issues and pre-defined Incident Communication Operators for successful handling of issues

Incident Administrator

Enact plans by launching and maintaining incidents throughout their lifecycle. Follow processes to create, launch, update, and close each incident and ensure a clear and efficient transfer of information within the organization during a critical event.

Incident Operator

Create and maintain communication plans by creating variables, re-usable templates, and scenarios you can tailor your organization’s response to issues and set-up Incident Communication Operators for successful handling of issues.

Visual Command Operator

Define steps to assess, locate, act, analyze, and evaluate incoming alerts based on the impact to the organization, choose the most appropriate way to respond to alerts, and gain valuable insights through after-action reporting.

Are you a Customer Focused on Critical Event Management?  Why not Get Certified?

“The main thing I want to emphasize is how easy the system is to use. A lot of software platforms have a very high learning curve and there’s extensive lead time before people can truly use the system effectively. With Everbridge, within an hour or two, someone can master the system.”

James Green, PSCU

Best Practices…More

Be Prepared

We go beyond courses and best practices by helping reinforce basic concepts with regular Webinars hosted by Everbridge professionals.  These Webinars are intended to help you apply your Everbridge skills to managing critical events that may impact your stakeholders. 

  • Hurricane Preparedness
  • National Preparedness Month
  • Back to School Again – Preparing for the New Term for SLG and Higher Ed
  • Critical Event Lifecycle
  • New Year’s Resolution – Training Your Team To Send High Quality Messages
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