Mass Notification

Keep Everyone Informed Before, During and After Any Event

Everbridge Mass Notification enables users to send notifications to individuals or groups using lists, locations, and visual intelligence. Our notification system keeps everyone informed before, during, and after events. Everbridge Mass Notification provides robust analytics, GIS targeting, flexible group management, distributed contact data, language localization, multiple options for contact data management, and a “globally local” approach to optimize voice and SMS routing.

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Unified Critical Communications

Target the individual and not the device for intelligent, personalized message delivery. Everbridge Mass Notification supports over 30 different multimodal delivery methods with voice recording, text to speech conversion in multiple languages, push notifications, rich text formatting, and SMS.

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Data Management

One of the most important parts of any communications system is the data that it holds and how it is managed. With the Everbridge platform, you can import, organize, and categorize contact data in a way that is meaningful to your organization. Additionally, you can include multiple groups and custom fields from internal systems to help with message targeting.

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Incident Management

Build events for one-click sending during incidents. Set up marketing automation with notification templates that contain predetermined contact lists and pre-defined messages for faster communications in a crisis.

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After-Action and Real-Time Reporting

  • Measure your communications program’s effectiveness and continually improve its efficiency with robust analytics and after-action reporting capabilities.
  • Make quick changes and improve results with powerful, accurate incident analyses in real-time.
  • Launch frequently requested reports on-the-fly with Quick Reports.

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Access Controls

Manage settings, permissions, group hierarchies, and defaults to meet the incident management needs of your organization. Add custom attributes to profiles to easily access contact skills, certifications, on-call status, etc.

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Precision GIS

Send messages to people in a specific geographical region defined by zip code, street address, and radius from a specific point or latitude/longitude location. User-friendly drawing tools allow you to target contacts in a specific neighborhood or other location.

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On-Call Scheduling & Escalation

Keep track of who is on-call and alert the right people based on the type of incident and time of day. If the right person does not respond automatically, escalate to the next individual, group, or rule.

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Globally Local

Personalize your reach to a global audience by broadcasting messages globally, in any language. Increase delivery success for notifications with local and regional routing. Store data locally and securely in your country of preference and comply with the regulatory requirements of that locale.