Unified Critical Communication Suite

Everbridge understands that during a disruptive event, organizations need to do more than just send out a message – they need to understand the situation and risks, put together a plan for response, overcome responder anxiety, and gather feedback on an ongoing basis until the crisis is resolved. With this vision in mind, Everbridge launched the Everbridge Unified Critical Communication Suite, the first single system for enterprise critical communications. With this release, Everbridge redefined the scope of the mass communication industry. The Everbridge suite is the most comprehensive notification platform available, combining a single solution for mass notifications, GIS targeting and incident management. The Everbridge Unified Critical Communication Suite is the only solution to offer:
  • One page notification process and one click sending
  • Integrated GIS mapping with unified contact data
  • Integrated social media monitoring and alerting
  • A mobile recipient app with rich two-way communications
  • A mobile management app with integrated GIS targeting
  • An incident management solution fueled by a rich notification engine
  • Dedicated mobile recipient application with two-way communication
  • Customizable caller IDs with local call origination
  • SolutionsProducts
    • Mass NotificationOn-demand communication empowers response teams to communicate with multiple departments and across multiple geographies. Paired with our powerful map-based notification, you can now target recipients by specific locations coordinates and zip codes. Learn More
    • Incident ManagementIncident communications for on-going and routine operations. Reach the right people, at the right time. Learn More
    • Interactive VisibilityTake command of situations, from emergencies to daily staffing with Interactive Visibility. A unique geographical view of your universe, interactive response options, real-time processing and analysis combine with customizable alert settings to give you the most powerful communications tool in the industry. Learn More
    • Interactive Visibility: Threat ViewThreat View combines the world-class threat assessment intelligence of NC4 with Everbridge’s critical communication suite and global reach. Learn More
    • IT AlertingTo reduce mistakes and maximize IT system uptime, you need to ensure that the right experts are engaged as quickly as possible and are communicating with the most up-to-date information. Learn More
    • Everbridge NetworkThe Everbridge Network augments the Mass Notification and Interactive Visibility solutions, providing cross-account collaboration and situational intelligence during crises. Learn More
    • SMART Weather AlertingProvides location-specific severe weather alerts at the speed of click. An automated rules engine supercharges the speed and accuracy of alert delivery so notifications get to the right people right away. Learn More
  • Services Services
    • Professional ServicesApply the knowledge and experience gained from more than 1,000 deployments worldwide directly to your organization’s unique environment to align system utilization with business value. Learn More
    • Everbridge UniversityEverbridge University provides the training you need to get the full value from your investment and teaches users the skills, techniques, concepts, and best practices. Learn More
  • News By Industry


    Energy and Utility providers rely on Everbridge for a single platform for all critical communications to help protect life and property, meet regulatory requirements and improve operational efficiencies. Predefined incident management strategies are critical to people’s safety, the protection of property and the continuity of operations for each organization as well as its surrounding communities. Learn More

    Financial Services

    Leading financial services organizations from around the globe rely on Everbridge technology to provide employee communication that transmits vital information, and allow your staff to safely handle whatever crisis comes your way, whether it’s life, financial, or privacy threatening. Learn More

    Global 2000

    Whether dealing with incident management, operational communication, or emergency notification, your organization needs to seamlessly reach distributed workforce and stakeholders in any location, across a variety of devices. Everbridge Incident Management, Everbridge Mass Notification, and Everbridge Integrated Visibility products put you in command and dramatically improve your ability to effect a positive outcome. Learn More


    Military and government agencies at the city, county state, and federal level are using Everbridge to meet a broad range of communications needs. Learn More


    Compliance requirements, code-calling, and even day-to-day staffing needs make Everbridge an essential communications platform for running a successful healthcare facility in today’s environment. Learn More

    Higher Education

    More than 100 colleges and universities use Everbridge for Campus Alerts to guide, advise, and protect more than two million students in emergencies. Learn More


    In transportation hubs around the world, Everbridge technology is managing every-day and extraordinary emergencies effectively and efficiently, keeping first responders, badged personnel, management, and passengers informed about what’s happened and what’s next. Learn More
  • By Role

    Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

    With Everbridge, you can make sure that business continues, ensuring employee accountability, issuing alerts coordinating response teams, initiating conference call briefings, and providing regular updates. Learn More

    Risk & Compliance

    Everbridge incident notification solutions clearly and effective delivery critical messages, and provide full reporting on contact attempts and confirmations, showing you’re in compliance. Learn More

    Emergency Preparedness

    How an organization responds to a critical situation can mean the difference between success and failure. Successful organizations know that well thought-through emergency preparedness planning translates into the ability to communicate quickly and effectively. Learn More

    Facilities Management

    Facilities management is a juggling act, balancing financial and operational efficiencies with employee and student safety, productivity and satisfaction. Everbridge helps you automate your incident notification process. Learn More


    With Everbridge, you can shorten incident-related downtime by communicating more quickly, clearly, and efficiently through end-to-end automation of your incident notification procedures. Learn More